Organic NZ Magazine’s summer issue

I had the pleasure of meeting Niva and Yotam of Pakaraka Permaculture recently. (I wrote about that here.) The result is this feature article in the summer issue of Organic NZ Magazine. I’ve seen many small market gardens in many countries and none … Read More

Introducing: Pakaraka Permaculture

A few Sundays ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Niva and Yotam of Pakaraka Permaculture for a feature article in the summer issue of Organic NZ Magazine. Watch out for lots of tips and insights into market gardening and a fab … Read More

A real life honest dating profile

  My neighbour has been online dating like a beast. Good on her I say. She’s been egging me on to do the same but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Besides, if I were to write an … Read More

end of an extracurricular era

I have been a contributor to Extracurricular magazine for years. The latest issue has just landed. It’s always a joy to sit down with a cup of tea and see it all in print. I will miss it. Yes, because … Read More

Rantypants: Why Homeschool?

Rantypants. This could  be a new feature here on GrowMama. Today I tackle homeschooling and the myriad reasons why folks choose it. I was in the unfortunate position of overhearing someone who has known my family for years rant about … Read More

Do Good Jobs ethical gift list

The pohutakawa’s are in flower! It’s always a magnificent sight along New Zealand’s coastline. The native herald of the holiday season. And in our garden. The tui’s, geckoes, bees and other littler native nectar drinkers are having a lovely time … Read More

slowing it down

I strive for a simple life. Somehow, the busyness has snuck up on me. It’s a cycle. Balance, peace then…taking on a few new freelance jobs, a workshop here and there, a few social engagements…fast forward a few weeks/months and … Read More

The Organic Explorer book is out now

Look what arrived in my mailbox. The new Organic Explorer book, hot off the press!  A bunch of people have been asking me to write an ethical Christmas post. I will. But I can give you a sneak preview now…on … Read More

NZ Herald Gardening with Kids article link

Look what popped up on my facebook feed last night. Us!  You can read my gardening with kids article here on the NZ Herald. A big welcome to you folks who have found your way here from the article.  xx

Gardening with kids article

I have an article out in yesterdays Element Magazine. Put out as a supplement by the NZ Herald, It’s by-line is Business/Planet/Well Being. Right up my alley.  They did a Natural Parenting issue. Turns out the author, James Russell, of … Read More

extracurricular storytelling

It is always exciting to see the latest issue of Extracurricular magazine arrive in the mailbox.  This issue’s them is ‘Tall tales’, or storytelling. I got to interview Eve Gordon of ‘The Dust Palace‘…about how she and her circus inspired … Read More

article in Happyzine

I have fielded a few lovely emails from you lately asking questions about parenting. My approach can be summed up by saying, ‘I follow my intuition and sometimes wish our children came with customised guide books’! That aside, it’s a … Read More

tomato relish and east west organics

This summer has been a stonker. So little rain, the grass is brown and the birds are lining up for a splash in the water we put out for them. We made the hard decision to stop watering the garden … Read More

Extracurricular magazine and plant handbook giveaway

Extracurricular magazine’s Issue Ten is out! And it’s a good one. The theme is self-sufficiency and there are articles on bee-keeping, sourdough making, slow fashion, homebrew, soap making AND a feature by me called, The kitchen sink school of herbalism. … Read More

extra goodness

The latest Extracurricular magazine landed in my mailbox yesterday. Ellie, the editor, was off gallivanting in Europe (and feasting with good friends of mine in my old haunting grounds in the Pyrenees) and so, taking up the editorial helm for Issue … Read More

The GrowMama Plant medicine handbook

 …is here. Or rather, available in my felt shop over HERE. There are a pile of them here waiting to be posted out. Exciting! I am truly passionate about learning to manage our own and our families common health complaints with the plants that grow … Read More

extracurricular issue 8

 Always one to scurry away with a cup of tea to read, Extracurricular magazine’s issue 8 is out. The theme for this issue is Self-Publishing – the power of print. They were flying off my GrowMama market stall at Kraftbomb … Read More

lookee here!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my new creation. I have been waiting for the summer edition of Extracurricular magazine to come out so i can show you. I designed this little beauty especially for this issue. I give you: the … Read More

extracurricular growMama

Here it is folks…a little ray of light in the depths of winter (snow? here? craziness!) arrived in my letterbox. Issue 6 of Extracurricular magazine is hot off the press. And i get a mention! Well, a few. Front cover, … Read More

Everyday Beauty

Firstly my friends, vast apologies for disappearing on you the last few days. I got to ride in an ambulance for the first time this week. I am hoping that to be my first and last. This is my first … Read More

on a shelf near you….

Extracurricular’s summer issue is out and waiting on a shelf near you. Believe me, you want one! It’s the perfect crafty holiday read. Get your copy here.This issue has a bonus holiday activity book. Oh, and i have an article … Read More

Mama, take a moment

While moping because i was missing the Wilco concert (i had a ticket, had been looking forward to it for months and no appropriate babysitter in sight, sigh) i connected with a few mama friends who have just welcomed another … Read More

creativity on the cards – and a giveaway

Finances don’t quite stretch to getting contact cards designed and printed yet. I whipped up a set myself. I bought the white standard cards from the stationers and am using the teeny weeny but still beautiful scraps of vintage fabric … Read More

all in a day’s work

Listening to stories. Deeply. Cooking. Big favourite around here. Painting has to be done nude. It begins with a paintbrush, on paper, but don’t be fooled…this is how it turns out! Happiness. I was feeling pleased with myself, I set … Read More

Organic NZ magazine article

This arrived in my letterbox today. The Organic NZ magazine is always a good read with the added attraction that I have another article on organic kids clothing in this, the Jan/Feb 2010 issue. Ahhh, I remember writing it well. … Read More