Introducing: Pakaraka Permaculture

A few Sundays ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Niva and Yotam of Pakaraka Permaculture for a feature article in the summer issue of Organic NZ Magazine. Watch out for lots of tips and insights into market gardening and a fab … Read More


A great thing about having a dog now is we HAVE to get outside a few times a day. It is easy for us to get caught up in our projects and classes and work inside. But outside is soooo … Read More

Genevieve’s Peaceful Parenting workshops 19/20 September

I heard of Genevieve Simperingham through mutual friends early on in my parenting journey. She is quite an amazing person. I love what she does in the world and the gifts she offers the parents who work with her. I … Read More

Nature as Teacher

One of my most enduring memories of childhood was the day my mum took us over the road to a freshly mowed field.  The field was next to the busy Southern Motorway but that is not what I remember.  I … Read More

Pillowcase bag workshop at Sew Love Tea Do!

My blog post on the pillowcase bag I designed years ago went super duper viral on Pinterest. It’s STILL out there doing the rounds, that and the tutorial are my all time best viewed posts. I get asked all the … Read More

Plant Medicine Workshop next month.

A few of you have been asking when the next Plant Medicine Workshop is. You’re in luck, I will be giving one called Kitchen Table Herbal Medicine at the Kaipatiki Project on the 9th of August.  I learnt from old … Read More

Living and Fermented Foods workshops

My dear friend Nicki MacKinnon is a talented Naturopath and Herbalist who specialises in Raw Foods. New Zealander’s may have heard of her Green Smoothie Workshops.  She has teamed up with Kamilla and Jo of ‘Be Nourished’ to give this … Read More

Plant Medicine workshop

Ever wanted to know what plants that grow locally can be used safely as medicine for everyday ailments like cuts, colds, coughs and sore throats? The old wise women I learned much of my herbcraft from extracted a promise from … Read More

Kaipatiki Plant Medicine workshop

Learn the power of the green! I am running a plant medicine workshops called ‘Kitchen Table Herbal Medicine’ at the Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre on Auckland’s North Shore on the 30th of November. The class runs from 10-1 and you’ll … Read More


I may have the best intentions to take photos during a workshop but once folks start arriving and i start talking, well, those intentions don’t translate into photographic documentation. I have given many many Plant Medicine Workshops over the years. … Read More

garden woes and plant medicine workshop -spaces left!

                                          Borage flowers and seeds. The garden has been a bit neglected of late. It is always like this. I … Read More

Plant Medicine Workshop February 2013

I thought i had better post about the upcoming Plant MedicineWorkshop before all the places go. I just started promoting it a few days ago and folks are excited. Me too, i love this work. It brings together plants and … Read More

poor photographic evidence

So, here you have it folks. Very poor photographic evidence of a very entertaining (and hopefully informative!) Plant Medicine workshop last Sunday. I had forgotten how much i love this work. It felt good to be back at it. Much … Read More

Sew Fun workshop

I have persuaded the lovely Angela Carter of Mermaid’s Purse to run the Sew Fun Workshop with me. All you people who have been asking and asking me to run a workshop again…here it is! And it is going to be … Read More

peaceful parenting workshops -Auckland

colt art at piha beach (quite peaceful, no?!)Genevieve Simperingham and her partner Dan are back in town!Such great work they do. Well worth checking it out, no matter what ages your kids are. Transformative for the parents too.Free talk: Friday … Read More

peaceful parenting workshop

I am fresh from a parenting workshop. Not just any parenting workshop, oh no. Passionate about questioning our own childhood patterning and living mindfully, I organised Genevieve Simperingham to come down to West Auckland to give a talk in our … Read More