Making: a simple zero waste project

How to make bathroom wipes (Or, a craft project for non-crafty people) 1. Pick up some darker coloured flannel from the fabric store or upcycle old pajamas 2. Borrow some pinking shears (this stops the edges from fraying) 3. Decide what … Read More

star baby tutorial

Here it is: the promised star baby tutorial. Great for toddler birthday presents. Even greater for older kids to make themselves. What you need: sheets of felt – two colours, paper and pencil, natural wool or scraps for stuffing, thread, … Read More

my other blog

What? Your other blog?! I hear you say?! Ah, well, it is not strictly mine, although I created it, write for it and beckon lovely guest bloggers to it. It is a fledgling blog. A work in progress. It is most lovely and … Read More


I may have the best intentions to take photos during a workshop but once folks start arriving and i start talking, well, those intentions don’t translate into photographic documentation. I have given many many Plant Medicine Workshops over the years. … Read More

opening flowers: a holiday activity

A little craftiness for you (especially those of you in the Southern Hemisphere still in the depths of the summer holidays)… …the magic of the opening flower. Step one: Hand draw or down load a template from HERE (i googled ‘opening … Read More

boxing corners – a tutorial

Okay, as this riveting first photograph intimates, there is no way to jazz this up. This is pure sewing geekery of the educational variety. For those of you not that way inclined, come back tomorrow for GrowMama business as usual. … Read More

Tutorial – vintage pillowcase to bag

This is the long awaited tutorial detailing how to make your own shopping tote bag from a vintage pillowcase. The blogpost i wrote about the design a few years ago (HERE) has had thousands and thousands of hits and many of … Read More


We did the letter Hh. Which led to a lovely weeklong exploration of the word Home. What it means to us, how others in the world live, what homes have looked like in the past. One of my previous homes … Read More

The Dress Up Box- super heroes

 Jed’s Small Poppies class did a session on super heroes last term. And wow, did that ever go down well…they came up with a super hero persona each, then made a cape (with no sewing involved, imagine!) and a mask … Read More

bat wings, rabbits and small boys

 It is truly winter here in my corner of New Zealand. I was missing a layer. I needed something boxy, fairly short in length and with nice drape to the fabric. Something to throw on over whatever i was wearing … Read More

The Dress Up Box – making pixies

So, by popular demand, here is a wee blast from the past and a tutorial (of sorts)- a pixie costume made two years ago and still in brought out of our Dress Up Box and played with.  This same pixie … Read More

solstice/christmas chains – a tutorial

I am a bit funny about waste. Making paper chains only to throw them away seems frivolous to me. I know the kidlets love to make paper chains but i reckon there is something to be said for decorations that … Read More