somebody likes meditation

By the time I get time to do yoga and meditate, I have fed everyone, we’ve run wild down at the beach and Phoenix is ready for a nap. Nothing like a warm lap for a snooze. This is about … Read More


Today the sun dragged me away from my computer and a young knight away from vanquishing dragons. It could easily have been a crap day. I walked that line this morning with lack of sleep, a sinus headache, sore throat … Read More

button bonanza

Looking for fabric and items to upcycle into this season’s GrowMama market and online range we stumbled across a tin of buttons at the thrift store counter. We came away with the whole lot for $4. Glass buttons, handcarved wooden … Read More

the hard times

Ah, yes…what to do when your heart hurts fit to burst, your anger is unexpressed and oozing out in the wrong places or things are just darned HARD?I heard from someone today that i just always seemed so ‘together’. I … Read More