‘Tis the season of giving. Have you?

One in five people in NZ live in poverty. This is a hard time of year for lots of reasons, economic disparity being just one. I know we want less consumerism and plastic in the world but we also don’t … Read More

Thinking out loud: I want the whole story

Photo credit to Giacomo Ferroni  Reading through the blurbs of each fabulous woman in the NEXT Women of the Year 2018 nominees list I was wondering why I wasn’t grabbed by their stories. Every one of them is doing amazing … Read More

Are we there yet?

I took the boy to Auckland Museum’s Are we there yet? exhibition.  It’s a celebration of the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Aotearoa New Zealand. I was impressed at the range of women interviewed and history portrayed both from … Read More

Marriage in Australia – vote yes for love

I was in Sydney for work last week. The UK office made a wee (understandable) mistake in booking the hotel so it was an hour’s walk into the office every morning. It was a welcome bit of exercise and fresh … Read More

School holidays rantypants

My son and I were talking about different parenting styles today. The conversation grew out of overhearing two mamas at the mall. Their kids were all within earshot while they commiserated about how hard the school holidays were and how … Read More

In praise of stuff.

In praise of stuff. A comment on the culture of a clutter free life: Someone walked into my house and said ‘my, you have a lot of stuff’, like it’s a bad thing. Again. You’d think there were piles of … Read More

Rantypants: Why Homeschool?

Rantypants. This could  be a new feature here on GrowMama. Today I tackle homeschooling and the myriad reasons why folks choose it. I was in the unfortunate position of overhearing someone who has known my family for years rant about … Read More

the small things help

It’s been a full time. I am struggling a bit. It’s strange…things are easing yet now I fall (just ever so gently) to pieces. It is safe to now I suppose, there is space for it. Ups and downs of … Read More

On my bedside table

How is this for a stellar bedtime reading lineup?! I read like lightning. At school I used to get quizzed for reading comprehension on a regular basis as they could never believe I could be done reading already. I was. … Read More

Angela’s last words

I introduced you to Angela and Raymond a few months ago HERE. At the time they were fundraising to get Angela to Seattle for treatment denied to her here in NZ. Thank you so much to those who donated!  I … Read More

Gabrielle is my new hero

I am outting myself. Publicly. I am not a fan of twitter. Yup, I am a social media manager who doesn’t like twitter. I specialise in content rich heartfelt social media. Twitter makes me shudder. It seems like the ideal … Read More

the feeling sad cure

I have been feeling a bit stuck. In my own life, mired at a bit of a crossroads of sorts. And a sad about the state of the world, and we people floundering about in it. I am one of … Read More

damson! it’s one of those days

 A friend planted a damson plum tree on some local wild land and it’s fruiting furiously. She was kind enough to give me some and it was taste symphony. Just beautiful. These old varieties of fruit just have such intense … Read More

a call for kindness

I had all sorts of other ideas for blog posts today, but this is what is on my mind alot these days. Kindness. What a simple beautiful act being kind can be. Being kind to ourselves. To others. I tend … Read More

Focus On: Rubbish

Weekend’s. Yay for weekends. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we’re into those long dark wintry weekends. Someone told me folks read more on the internet in the winter months. Makes sense to me. In honour of that I’m running a … Read More

Focus On: Art

Weekend’s. Yay for weekends. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we’re into those long dark wintry weekends. Someone told me folks read more on the internet in the winter months. Makes sense to me. In honour of that I’m starting a … Read More

Focus On: Beauty

The ‘Focus on’ weekend series is my version of linky love. Each weekend I wax lyrical (briefly) on a topic and then profile a bunch of links associated with it. Part entertainment on these long winter nights here in the … Read More

Focus On: Design

Weekend’s. Yay for weekends. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we’re into those long dark wintry weekends. Someone told me folks read more on the internet in the winter months. Makes sense to me. In honour of that I’m starting a … Read More

a simple life

                                                manifesto for a simple life:                          … Read More

three potentially life changing things

ONE. This is the newest member of the family. What can i say? 1) Jed is very happy and, 2) hormonally crashing mama’s probably shouldn’t make large decisions like adopting baby rabbits. You’ll be hearing more about this little dude … Read More

pixies against deep sea oil drilling

I was outraged when i heard about the National Goverments plans to drill for oil off the East Cape. There seems to have been no consultation with local iwi – Te Whanau-a-Apanui. (Please excuse the lack of macrons on the … Read More

a reminder

I bought this as a New Year’s gift…for myself. I love that it asks me to strive to live my best life, the juicy passionate one my heart always sings out for. And then, on the other side, reminds me … Read More

to market to market

As well as i manage trawling charity shops and sewing our own clothes, eating delicious from our garden/local where possible and as rich as i feel our simple life is…we still need money. So! To cobble together an income from … Read More

Synchronicity and signs

From ‘our’ orchard. Cool tractor and the kind family that runs the orchard (and has done for three generations) is more than happy for J to have a ‘drive’. Happiness. The last few days i have dreamed up a project … Read More

the march against mining

We know this wee fellow and Jed was rather taken by his placard. He made me read out what ‘the words spell out’ many times and each time he would just crack up laughing. This morning i showed Jed all … Read More

some sleep, some don’t

Jed having a rare nap at not quite eight weeks old. (Yup, i know) I met a woman in a shop a few weeks ago. Her small one was flirting with mine and we got talking. Somehow sleep came into … Read More

beachy keen – day two

I have missed my long evening walks since Jed was born. These glorious late summer evenings are shrinking and i am determined to get out in them. SO! Into the stroller he goes with favourite books and puppy. The mama … Read More

how to raise our kids?

How to raise kids without squishing them…By that i mean how do we leave intact the innate wonder and sense of connectedness to this sacred web of life we are all born with? How to raise kids that are open … Read More

learning again, and again

Loving that its lighter later. Time for a good frolic and explore at the beach in the evenings after supper. We are so blessed to live here. Exploring. Tide out. Rockpools. Anenomes, little fish, crabs, critons, bugs, sea snails, different … Read More

if i still lived at Twin Oaks

In deep fatigue again with these nightwakings and very very early morning starts, i fell into a little wondering this morning….about how my life would be different if i still lived at Twin oaks community. I would have peaceful regrowth … Read More