seven days of blogging 3/7 – waylaid

I have been temporarily waylaid by a nasty 24 hour bug thats been making it’s way through the community. Ick. I’ll save you from the gruesome details! I would’ve made considerably less sense than usual if i had of tried … Read More

double take

Someone asked me why i bothered to spend time op-shopping the other day. Here is where it began…I first got into thrift shopping when i was 12. We didn’t have much money, and i wanted to express myself more through … Read More

shades of green

Green is the favourite colour around here at the moment. There are green cats, green buds apparent on the winter branches of the deciduous trees, new green knitted cardigan for the small one (I get asked if i knit all … Read More

vintage classics

Fun vintage finds like these make me feel rich. Pottering through one of our favourite wee church thrift shops we unearthed a box of brightly coloured vintage train set pieces buried under a pile of empty boxes. Complete with this … Read More

kate greenaway

Many of our favourite books have won the Kate Greenaway medal for excellence. I have wondered on occasion who she was and why there was a medal in her name but never got any further in my investigations. Last Saturday … Read More

vintage sheets strike again…

It is slightly obscene how excited i get about upcycling. I find it so very satisfying to take something that has been labelled rubbish and was destined for a landfill and transform that ‘trash’ into something useful. I just love … Read More

in honour of summer

My last dash through a thrift shop saw me swoop on this lovely book. (Gone are the days where Jed and i would fossick together in a timely fashion, sigh) The Kids Garden Book by Patricia Petrich and Rosemary Dalton. … Read More

thrifting blues

For some reason, my thrifting finds often run in themes. Last week it was blue. Everything from vintage enamel plates, to the floral pillowcases were all in shades of blue. The pillowcases lasted about half an hour in one piece … Read More

finding, keeping

We were headed home but eeked to a halt outside my favourite tiny church-run thrift shop. They had a sign outside. It said 50% off all stock. See, halt. Only reasonable course of action. Disguised in an ancient jam preserve … Read More

thrift shop happiness

I had been meaning to make some cushions for my couch upstairs (in my bedroom/studio/library) for ages. Dodging into my local charity shop last week with tired cranky small person in tow, i found these beauties. I was in and … Read More

vintage fun and games

I spotted this game at the op shop and the memories came flooding back. My sister and i played and played this game and its wonderful to be sharing it with Jed. Good motor skills in fitting the pieces together … Read More

sneaky treat

I found a super soft corduroy skirt in the op shop and although i loved how it fitted around the waist, i didn’t like the cut of the lower skirt. So… I rummaged in my stash for a vintage fabric … Read More

sleepless thrifting and crafternoon tea

I love how $1 can still be the door to so much fun and learning. Just need to look in the right places. Often the fun and learning comes free but we love a little rummage in secondhand shops. You … Read More

freeing my inner frou frou

While engaging in a late night art therapy session of ‘working through some demons’, i accidently freed my inner frou frou self. It erupted all over a bathmat i was working on.When thoughts keep circling in my head and come … Read More

a find indeed

Dangerous for the stash working at a retro shop i tell you. A beautiful deep forest moss green velvet with embroidered fancifulness. A frame no less. What on earth this may have been designed for i do not know. But … Read More

a morning’s finds

This is a Jed stash after a brief rummage in a thrift shop. Even when tired he’s got thrifting mojo working for him. Those tractors were way up high on a shelf, which, fixated on finding vintage sheets, mama failed … Read More


I do believe it was my first morning off since Jed was born two and a half years ago. I fled. Fast. Into town for a change of scene, to walk among the over-caffeinated and those with places to go. … Read More


Still into stick insects around here. “Awwww, he loves me mama”. “I am going to take him for a ride on my bike”. You know, with all the stick insect fraternising all summer there has not been one fatality . … Read More

ambushed by pink

Actually, the title to this post should read….My problem with pink. Because that colour has been problematic for me for years now. I think because of it’s associations with feminine stereotypes etc etc. But! I am a reformed woman. Sort … Read More

upcycling away

Ain’t she gorgeous? This is the lovely Ava, wearing her first birthday present. A tunic top created by her friend GrowMama. I don’t often get to see the clothes i make on the little people they are gifted to and … Read More

sneaky adventures on the crafting table

‘Sneaky’ adventures because there’s been alot going on and i feel like i am sneaking in that creative time. My inner dialogue has been piping up and says i really should be doing X, X or X. You know the … Read More

thrifty finds of the day

One of our rare jaunts into ‘town’ today. A very loud and colourful expletive was let loose by the small one in the toddler pool today. Ahem. We heard it from some teens on our way into the pool. I … Read More

asking for it

I got a bit caught up in the ‘oh no, i have no money’ headspace this week. I plum forgot how rich i am in so many ways – none of which need money. I mean, sure, i could do … Read More

GrowMama at large

My gorgeous nephew in his GrowMama bib. There are a few GrowMama bibs up on Trademe at the moment (just for a laugh, not really the right place for them, but hey, it has been said i’ll try anything once. … Read More

my new baby

There she is… TA DAaaaaaa! I sold my brother for a more trusty workhorse and this is she. A Bernina 900 Nova. I worked hard to get this machine. My every ‘spare’ moment was sewing or sleeping the last few … Read More


we fished this lovely fellow out of the 10 cent box at a local opshop (that’s a thrift shop for you internationals)…he is all handstitched from someone’s quilt scraps. SO much love and care gone into his making. he even … Read More


A favourite at the moment is peppermint tea, fresh picked. Delicious warm or cold.Peak chickweed season too – it feels so good to eat wild so abundantly.It has to be spring coming, the herb garden is going wild.It stays green … Read More

a peek into our day

This piece of multi-coloured patched loveliness is Jed, Pema and I’s new best friend. A large blankie, lined with soft flannelette fabric. Beautifully made and recently acquired from Trademe. Perfect for snuggling into and reading books in front of the … Read More

let’s go retro

There is a definite kind of order to the tangle of goodness.Lets go retro on Swanson Rd in West Auckland is a treasure trove of retro goodies. I got a tip-off that she had a corner of old fabrics so … Read More

fabric porn (not for the fainthearted)

retro yumminess – for a few dollars off My nana was a seamstress and lived in those days when it was the norm to sew your own clothes. Especially your children’s. My own mother followed suit and made many … Read More

rainy day thrifting and crafting

a much needed pincushion… ignore that errant blue button, it was waiting to go onto another project. I can’t see the horizon or the waves for the rain today. We’ve had a run of beautiful sunny winter days so no … Read More

fossicking and finds

i spotted these gumboots in an Emmaus in France – 2 francs and still going strong. i found this hat under a chicken in an abandoned barn in Central Virginia – i traded my hat for hers. Chicken was happy, … Read More

New pants. Mama-made.

It has been years since i had a sewing machine. I had let myself be convinced that our house was too small. I craved to make everything gorgeous under the sun for my boy when he was born and finally, … Read More

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