Thinking out loud: about life, death and summer

Evening walk on our nearest beach – extra points for spotting the dog doing a meerkat impersonation After a long rainy spell, we’re suddenly in summer. Even the overcast days are warm. Evening walks and picnic dinners as the sun goes … Read More

Thinking out loud: I want the whole story

Photo credit to Giacomo Ferroni  Reading through the blurbs of each fabulous woman in the NEXT Women of the Year 2018 nominees list I was wondering why I wasn’t grabbed by their stories. Every one of them is doing amazing … Read More

Thinking out loud: the danger of bubbles

We live in houses or apartments that are fenced or clearly delineated from our neighbours. Often in neighbourhoods made up of people similar to ourselves.  Yup, some of us live in bubbles.  We leave our homes to get into the … Read More

Marriage in Australia – vote yes for love

I was in Sydney for work last week. The UK office made a wee (understandable) mistake in booking the hotel so it was an hour’s walk into the office every morning. It was a welcome bit of exercise and fresh … Read More