7 days of blogging 7/7 – introducing terence

So, in any one day, i am mama to many. Today it was a builder, a pirate, a mama bird on her eggs, a knight, an All black (NZ is deep in Rugby world cup fever),and Terence the sparrowman. I’m … Read More

the marketplace

All these vintage fabrics i brought home from the Vintage Textile Fair have been sewn with. I have a few big markets coming up. Kraftbomb, my beloved regular market is this Sunday (11-2 at Grey Lynn Community Centre if you’re … Read More


I am reminded again and again of the magic of a simple life, a life with space in it for creative juices to bubble up and entertain us with no more than a gnome, some dried grass, flower petals, moss … Read More

in sherwood forest

I innocently read Robin Hood to the small boy the other morning. That was it. His imagination was seized, big time. Do any of you remember the pixie costumes i made last year? You can see the post HERE. The … Read More


It was a glorious sunny day but Jed didn’t want to go to the beach or for a bikeride. He wanted to do the dyeing project we’ve been talking about for weeks. And so! For a small person that loves … Read More

making birthday magic

Sunday was a magical day here. Jed turned four. Friends, family, games, fine food, fun and a fair bit of mayhem. Even the sun shone. Loveliness. The birthday crown in the making. For a boy whose favourite colour is green. … Read More


After five days of the small one having a nasty virus, we are out the other side and crafting together again. Phew. To say the least. We made Jed’s birthday invitations this morning. His favourite colour is green at the … Read More

modelling and matariki

I had a few deadlines crashing down around my ears these last weeks. This has involved small people doing alot of, well child-led limited resourced projects, which luckily, Jed excels at. However, it is always good to have a plan … Read More

rainy day survival in small house

This was rainy day number three. Huts got made. Baking warmed the house and the soul. There were expeditions into rainy garden and windswept beach. The craft box made an appearance. Burrows get made (in mama’s bed), naps were taken … Read More

where i sit

I like seeing pictures of crafty folks creative spaces and i love tips on how they make their unique spaces work for them. I thought i would share mine with you. My crafting space, where i am sitting typing this … Read More

SMS Giveaway – bunting AND bag!

A warm welcome to you, especially those of you who have journeyed here from Sew Mama Sew today! It’s always such a pleasure to participate in Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaways, i have been a regular and wouldn’t miss it. Up … Read More

easy easter crafting

This is a simple bit of quick crafting that you could use for any occasion. I am already plotting birthday place settings with each child having a different one to open out. You could use cardboard from your paper recycling … Read More

simple. paper. fun.

We had a few rainy days lately. Here’s what we got up to. 1) Blowfish! I found Joel Henriques blog, MadebyJoel (the man is a genius) and had to try this myself. Immediately. So we did. Breakfast can always wait, … Read More

seven days of blogging begins

So, every now and then, when i have a backlog of fun stuff, thoughts and peeks into our life to share with you, i declare a ‘seven days of blogging’ bonanza. This is day one. In the middle of my … Read More

gnome sweet gnome

Since we have been hanging more at our local Steiner school we have stumbled across some new (to us) crafting pleasures. I have Thomas and Petra Berger’s darling book, The Gnome Craft book, out from the library at the moment. … Read More

a taste of rainbow

This evening, gazing out to sea, Jed asked me if there were unicorns in New Zealand. This morning another small one asked me what rainbows tasted like. I was speechless each time. (Unusually). I love the questions and neither of … Read More

thrifty love

I know it’s freezing cold for many of you out there in the northern hemisphere, so forgive me when i say it’s 28 degrees centigrade here and too hot to sleep. To distract myself from the fact that its almost … Read More

to solstice and beyond…

I am new to celebrating Winter Solstice and Christmas with any sort of enthusiasm. I had quashed that for years focussing instead on the over-consumerism and what i saw as lack of meaning in the holidays. But. I am a … Read More

quietly crafting away…

Some of us have been nude in the garden. Actually, some mama’s have a hard time keeping clothes on some folks around here. Last week, the morning after oral surgery, brain still addled from the drugs, i began a craft … Read More

Vintage pillowcase? No, a shopping bag!

Take a vintage pillowcase. Cut like so. Make the handle by sewing a seam, joining the two sides of the ‘handle’ together. Use your iron to turn over and pin a hem on your raw edges. Sew. Press. It could … Read More


Ha! I found a way to resurrect that favourite piece of vintage fabric that got sabotaged by a certain someone.(click here) I managed to lay the pattern pieces in a such a way that i got a new shirt out … Read More

the theatre

We have been talking about making a puppet theatre for awhile. Jed’s uncle Alex gave him a cardboard box that was the ideal size and strength for the project and it had been sitting under the stairs waiting for a … Read More

One rainy weekend afternoon…

…i went a little crazy diving into my fabric scrap bin.Jed was sticking to his refusal to wear anything but the softest comfiest clothes. No jeans. No store bought cords. Any attempts at negotiation on my part elicited sqwawking and … Read More

stick nest for chick

It began with a book we bought on a boy’s recommendation at the local car boot sale. The Lilly Pilly Tree. About two young children who take sticks and rope up a tree to make a nest. Then Mick Inkpen’s … Read More

rainy day shenanigans

At the second hand store awhile back we found a set of Dorling Kindersley ‘Lets Explore Science’ books by David Evans and Claudette Williams. They cover everything from weather, to water exploration, music and sound, light…all sorts of ideas about … Read More

my secret denim fetish

I have a thing for denim. It rarely surfaces but every now and then i indulge it.After getting tired of lending mine out, i made Jed’s dadda a bag of his own. I used Heather Ross’ weekend tote pattern from … Read More

from crafting to climate change

How my designs begin. (Actually, these sketches made it into my notebook, i have many on teeny bits of paper…scribbled waiting for the lights to turn green, in the library, in the middle of the night…). Inspiration strikes when she … Read More

freeing my inner frou frou

While engaging in a late night art therapy session of ‘working through some demons’, i accidently freed my inner frou frou self. It erupted all over a bathmat i was working on.When thoughts keep circling in my head and come … Read More

vintage ipod covers and my etsy shop (finally)

It was the dadda’s birthday not so very long ago. Finances are tight and he was working hard. He wasn’t expecting anything special for his birthday and we blew that right out the water and went to town for him. … Read More

loving buttons

These are quite possibly the only buttons i have bought new. I love vintage buttons. One way to mainline happiness is finding a jar or tin of them in a secondhand store. We chose these last week. Not only did … Read More

hand stitching revival

Seven days of blogging continued… Sheesh. I just realised that because of the time difference it looks like i didn’t blog daily like i said i would. Ptooey to that. I have blogged daily, i have! Been busting my ass … Read More


A woman i barely know gave me these jonquils out of the blue yesterday. Next time i see her I will let her know how much joy her gift brought me. My car now smells divine and we have a … Read More

the birthday house lives on

One cardboard box (on the large side), one knife, some crepe paper, tape, a tiny bit of creative juice, and you are ten minutes away from having yourself a sweet little house. And that, my friends, equals many many hours … Read More

oh excitement (of the sewer’s variety)

I bought this fabric to make part of a Jed birthday present but it seems fitting to use a snippet here.Oh excitement. A new love in my life. My sister had kindly lent me her machine. I embarked on sewing … Read More


Some international mama’s have been asking me about playdough lately…you NZ mama’s are likely in the know already.We got into making and shaping bread dough at Steiner playgroup but i wasn’t making bread at home as much as Jed would … Read More

not knitting

I am very fond of vests. For myself, and now, inflicting them on small people. I find they are especially good for small people. Vests keep the chest and back warm and cosy while leaving those active arms uninhibited and … Read More

a favourite kind of fun

Look what happens when you put the s on the front of prayer, instead of at the end…you get sprayer! It’s one of Jed’s favourite kinds of fun at the moment. Has been off and on for months. Hours of … Read More

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