Gaming of the board variety

So much of life is on screen these days. Banking. Planning. Learning. My writing, my work. Keeping in touch with friends around the world. Throw into that mix a kid who identifies as a gamer. We have a screen agreement … Read More

an advanced version

It took us a few days to build this one. The satisfaction was huge when we’d finished. It was the first build using the motor. That was exciting. There was great fanfare as we switched the motor on. And super … Read More

this stonking hot summer

New Zealand’s weather is a funny thing. Around yule time I was in a woolly jumper after swimming in the sea in a wetsuit. Yet January has just been the hottest summer I can remember here. Many days the only … Read More

Meeting edison

We belong to a homeschool science club. It’s like a giant library of educational science gear and DVD’s. We choose what set we would like to borrow for the term. It’s a great way to explore cool stuff without the … Read More

scooters and skateboards

Along with the picnic blanket, water, spare clothes and shoes that live in the boot of my car, there are various wheels. A scooter or two, helmet and skateboard usually travel with us too. I find it amazing that even … Read More

for the love of lego

Lego is a big part of most days here. These past two terms we’ve been part of a homeschooling science lending library that allows us to have different educational sets for a term. Some of us are high novelty and … Read More

growing bacteria

We just did this cool experiment at home. Our homeschooling crew is so awesome. I posted an experiment on the GrowMama facebook page. Friends saw it and ordered bulk large petrie dishes from a lab and put a call out on … Read More

new medium

Jed was mid swing on a beeswax candle making jag when he ran out of wick. The very next morning we went to Forest Folk, the little store in the Titirangi Steiner school carpark for supplies. We came home with … Read More

matchbox rockets

Matchbox rockets are big in our world at the moment. Who knew you could have so much fun with foil and matches?! Simple to make and super fun, we’ve had these rockets go for 15 metres! The wonderful Adrian showed … Read More

The Dragon Riders

The long awaited third book to the Dragon Brothers trilogy is out! The Dragon Riders. It’s good. The little guy was thrilled to find this in the mailbox. We dove straight into the story. It doesn’t disappoint. Author James Russell … Read More

rainbow moko

The little guy surprised me with this beautiful rainbow moko. I love all the colour and shape and movement. Especially how one area flows into another. Which reminds me of a random thing. We were playing Junior Monopoly and talking … Read More

Uncommon Goods – the future

Don’t you just love packages arriving?! This is Jed opening a box from Uncommon Goods. If you haven’t heard of them, you need to. They are the future of business…ethical, supportive of their staff, eco-minded and with an array of … Read More

best birthday party

Twenty kids on boogie boards taking turns to fly down a giant sand dune. It was quite a sight. The occasion was a friend of Jed’s  seventh birthday. (Happy Birthday Lenny!) They ran wild in the park adjoining the beach, went … Read More

building bridges

We studied bridges the other day. We looked at the different structures of bridges, what shapes give the best stability, bridges around the world and through history. Then I set Jed a challenge. He likes a challenge. He needed to … Read More

nature mandalas

On our way back from tending the vegetable garden we meandered our way back to the house collecting leaves and flowers. We had watched a few YouTube clips of the Dalai Lama and other monks creating sand mandala’s that morning … Read More

this guy

I love this guy. I was having one of the worst days in a good long while and had to go to a friends surprise party that afternoon. NOT what I felt like doing. Ever tried dancing in a flash … Read More

all time favourite play things

The shop Jed got for his third birthday made another comeback. It was set up for more than a year in his corner of our little house at first. Now and then it comes out to be set up on … Read More

crafting with the boy

We are about to plunge into our homeschooling term and while looking at some new resources online i came across a cool project on Activity Village: making a set of russian dolls that fit into one another. Great for storytelling. … Read More

opening flowers: a holiday activity

A little craftiness for you (especially those of you in the Southern Hemisphere still in the depths of the summer holidays)… …the magic of the opening flower. Step one: Hand draw or down load a template from HERE (i googled ‘opening … Read More

colour experiments

We have a cupboard under the stairs, and in it, i keep a collection of craft supplies, science equipment, games and projects. Some get brought out for various homeschooling sessions. Mostly all secondhand, this is a treasure trove of ideas, … Read More

an art installation: family

When i was busy doing outfit styling on our deck the other day, Jed was busy doing his own thing. This is his art installation. He called it ‘family’. He worked on it more during the afternoon. I love how he built whole … Read More

jedi – in the dress up box

It has been the weekend of parties for this wee fella. Good times. But i have to say…we are both pooped. One was a starwars party and Jed’s cousin’s party at the local climbing wall was the very next day. His … Read More

lessons in mud

 This is a wonderful book.  It got us into identifying animal and bird tracks when we were at the beach or in the bush. One day I lugged up a tray of earth from our garden and we made our … Read More

a simple thing

 In a late night internet fog i got lost somewhere in blogland and stumbled across a post about a Montessori salt tray. Kids were playing with writing letters or drawing in the salt. They had laid brightly coloured paper on … Read More


 We have tried to keep plastic toys, actually plastic throughout the house, to a minimum. When Jed was a baby he was surrounded by mostly natural materials. His favourite kete contained seashells, smooth river stones, pine cones, driftwood, different textured … Read More

science at home

So…  Jed has always loved ‘mixing’. Setting him up with a bowl of dried peas and a wooden spoon when he was very wee has evolved into many mixes over the years. Some pretty disgusting, some pretty edible, some left … Read More


Landing. Thats what i call the process of coming home after being away. Thats what we’re doing at the moment. Landing: a process of re-discovering home.It involves:1) eating wild greens straight from the garden. It’s been so cloudy and generally … Read More

7 days of blogging 7/7 – introducing terence

So, in any one day, i am mama to many. Today it was a builder, a pirate, a mama bird on her eggs, a knight, an All black (NZ is deep in Rugby world cup fever),and Terence the sparrowman. I’m … Read More


I am reminded again and again of the magic of a simple life, a life with space in it for creative juices to bubble up and entertain us with no more than a gnome, some dried grass, flower petals, moss … Read More

in sherwood forest

I innocently read Robin Hood to the small boy the other morning. That was it. His imagination was seized, big time. Do any of you remember the pixie costumes i made last year? You can see the post HERE. The … Read More

modelling and matariki

I had a few deadlines crashing down around my ears these last weeks. This has involved small people doing alot of, well child-led limited resourced projects, which luckily, Jed excels at. However, it is always good to have a plan … Read More


Today the sun dragged me away from my computer and a young knight away from vanquishing dragons. It could easily have been a crap day. I walked that line this morning with lack of sleep, a sinus headache, sore throat … Read More

simple. paper. fun.

We had a few rainy days lately. Here’s what we got up to. 1) Blowfish! I found Joel Henriques blog, MadebyJoel (the man is a genius) and had to try this myself. Immediately. So we did. Breakfast can always wait, … Read More

seven days of blogging begins

So, every now and then, when i have a backlog of fun stuff, thoughts and peeks into our life to share with you, i declare a ‘seven days of blogging’ bonanza. This is day one. In the middle of my … Read More

vintage fun and games

I spotted this game at the op shop and the memories came flooding back. My sister and i played and played this game and its wonderful to be sharing it with Jed. Good motor skills in fitting the pieces together … Read More

the theatre

We have been talking about making a puppet theatre for awhile. Jed’s uncle Alex gave him a cardboard box that was the ideal size and strength for the project and it had been sitting under the stairs waiting for a … Read More

natural dye

A fresh batch of playdough. Still steaming hot. The pink is fairy styles: we used berry tea bags with hibiscus for the this colour. Gold glitter adds to the magic. It smells divine which could prove problematic if you have … Read More

winter aint bad

Beachside wanders in the winter sun.(A break from all that rain…wahoo!) Winter fruit fresh off the trees. A little rocking out. There’s a bit of that around here. (I just love witnessing that move from making music daily with a … Read More


Jed has a little part of his library where he keeps his ‘instructions’ and magazines. ‘Instructions’ are books he/we have made with Jed’s writing and drawings in them that ‘tell stories of learning how to put out fires and other … Read More

rainy day shenanigans

At the second hand store awhile back we found a set of Dorling Kindersley ‘Lets Explore Science’ books by David Evans and Claudette Williams. They cover everything from weather, to water exploration, music and sound, light…all sorts of ideas about … Read More

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