The Kowtow archive sale experience

Does anyone else suffer from social awkwardness or inappropriate blurting of irrelevant information?!  I went to meet a girlfriend at the Kowtow archive sale the other day and had completely the wrong idea about what I was in for. I … Read More

Outfit post: sunshine yellow edition

It was the weirdest thing. I was on the lookout for some butter-soft grey linen to make a shirt exactly like this. We’d taken a friend who is unable to drive to the doctor and while waiting for his blood tests, … Read More

A William Morris sort of dress

I found this vintage dress on trademe late one night. It reminded me of a William Morris print I had seen in an exhibition and loved years ago. Funny how some pieces of design or art stay with you.  I … Read More

Making: striped chambray Sarah dress

I had this dress cut out and waiting for sewing attention for at least a month.  You can see the original review post for the SewKnitlove Sarah dress pattern HERE.  I wanted to see what the dress would be like with … Read More

the story behind the dress

So, this dress. It’s been the go to summer dress this season. The weather has been unreal this summer, super hot. Unusually so for New Zealand. Usually the days the sundresses can come out and play are limited, but not … Read More

Outfit post – featuring fennec fox

I whip out these outfit posts every now and then to show that it’s possible and fun to source clothing you love from secondhand places, rather than buying new. I figure there is enough stuff in the world.  And did … Read More

nzsale outfit post

You all know like to buy secondhand or make my own clothes, right? Well, sometimes, when I have been looking for a specific basic piece of clothing I might consider shopping new. Shocking I know. What was even more shocking … Read More

this guy

I love this guy. I was having one of the worst days in a good long while and had to go to a friends surprise party that afternoon. NOT what I felt like doing. Ever tried dancing in a flash … Read More

Outfit post: behind the scenes

I whip out these Outfit posts every now and then to show that it’s possible and fun to source clothing from secondhand places, rather than buying new. I figure there is enough stuff in the world. But just in case … Read More

outfit post – the car dress

One of my favourite outfits at the moment. It’s so comfortable to wear and I love the way this dress drapes and fits. Dress: Yumi – brand new off – about $50 I think. That’s a big number for … Read More

a thing for knits

  This is a knit with a story. It was given to me by a friend who knows I have a thing for knits. But this is no ordinary knit. a)It is a cape b) it was lovingly crafted by … Read More

an outfit post – the comfort clothes

My take on outfit posts usually involves secondhand or handmade clothes. Upcycled or recycled. Found or made. I figure there is enough stuff in the world already and plus, I get bored looking on racks where it’s all laid out … Read More

outfit post – the summer edition

They are popular, these outfit posts. I get a bunch of emails after each one. An over-riding theme is cash-strapped mama’s amazed that i manage to put together these outfits on so little money. Yup, folks…second hand and vintage is … Read More

outfit styling fun

I had just got back from town and a friend dropped by. Her mouth dropped open when she saw what i’d just found at the thrift store. I unearthed some more goodies i had found secondhand in the past month … Read More

accidental spring outfit

When i spotted these trousers with my eagle opshopping eye i headed straight for them. I did wonder awhile…about whether i’d actually wear them. I loved them, yes, but would i wear them? The answer, it turns out, is a resounding … Read More

outfit and assistant

Just ignore the floor that might need a vaccuum and feast your eyes on this dance of colour. Yup, that was my town outfit a few days ago.  It is always interesting to see the reactions of others when i … Read More