Hands on homeschool physics

We belong to a Homeschool Science Kits group here in NZ. Every term we get to choose a science kit to work with. This term we’ve had this Fischer Technik Physics set. You work your way through building the different … Read More

uncooperative bugs

The sun shone! That alone is worthy news for a blog post at the moment. It’s been so rainy and grim lately. Normal spring weather for New Zealand I’m afraid. But…that subtle shift in temperature and growth of green things … Read More

What on earth wall books

A friend put us onto these books. For that I am very grateful. We have the What on Earth wall book of Science and Engineering and From the Big Bang to the Present Day. They are all kinds of awesome.  … Read More

Nature as Teacher

One of my most enduring memories of childhood was the day my mum took us over the road to a freshly mowed field.  The field was next to the busy Southern Motorway but that is not what I remember.  I … Read More

a robolego day

Awesome day at RoboLego today. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, me or Jed. I always knew I could be a geek given half a chance. And, robot battles?! I mean really, what’s not to like?! My camera … Read More


Every year when our spring seeds start to germinate, there is same pause. An intake of breath. A moment of wonder. A heartbeat of gratitude for the simple miracle of a seed beginning to grow and reach for the light. … Read More

The Booms

We have the honour of looking after our dear neighbours chickens and the fish in their pond while they are away for ten whole days. It has made a wonderful mini adventure break in our morning sessions to walk over … Read More

sharing shoes

A few weeks ago, in a thrift shop with Jed, we found these awesome biker boots. I had been looking for some for years. Problem was, we both wanted them. Hmm. Turns out we have the same size feet. So … Read More

firewood time

Axeman Jack delivered our firewood last week. And, yes, that is truly our firewood guy’s name. He also has very sparkly blue eyes, is super nice, has wild white hair and is missing quite a few fingers. Jed was convinced … Read More

Living and Fermented Foods workshops

My dear friend Nicki MacKinnon is a talented Naturopath and Herbalist who specialises in Raw Foods. New Zealander’s may have heard of her Green Smoothie Workshops.  She has teamed up with Kamilla and Jo of ‘Be Nourished’ to give this … Read More

Plant Medicine workshop

Ever wanted to know what plants that grow locally can be used safely as medicine for everyday ailments like cuts, colds, coughs and sore throats? The old wise women I learned much of my herbcraft from extracted a promise from … Read More

the new camera happy dance

After years of loyal service, my trusty point and shoot digital camera became thoroughly cantankerous. With my social media work and blogging, this was a problem. Every so often in a random while, I’d take a whole days worth of … Read More

star babies

I love hand sewing projects. I had this star baby project in a tray in our living area for the last few weeks. They were easy to pick up and work on while Jed is working on a project. It’s … Read More

lessons in mud

 This is a wonderful book.  It got us into identifying animal and bird tracks when we were at the beach or in the bush. One day I lugged up a tray of earth from our garden and we made our … Read More


We took off for Arrowtown one morning while we were staying in Queenstown. A tiny, most picturesque spot and one of the main site’s of the goldpanning way back in the day. I was all waxing historical as we explored … Read More

the racetrack number

 I love how learning unfolds in daily life. Somehow, the number eight has become ‘the racetrack number’. Sudden interest in the number eight brought out the crafting box and we made a rainbow racing track. Out came the eight rainbow … Read More

the path of a stream

 The local council decided to move our streams. Uh huh. They were afraid they would start to erode the nearby coastal road. I understand the reasons and it was still very strange to have such heavy upheavel in our quiet little … Read More

word play

 What was the first word this wee boy learnt to spell? Funny. To a four year old boy. I found these magnetic letters in a thrift shop years ago. They usuallly live on the fridge. Writing and drawing in the … Read More

science at home

So…  Jed has always loved ‘mixing’. Setting him up with a bowl of dried peas and a wooden spoon when he was very wee has evolved into many mixes over the years. Some pretty disgusting, some pretty edible, some left … Read More