a rainbow of vegetables

I’ve been working Saturdays which has meant missing the farmer’s market and our local fruit and vegetable dealership burnt down – everyone was okay, and they’re going to rebuild, yay!  I’ve been at a loss with where to buy our … Read More

A week of Essential cookbook lunches

The boy found a cookbook at the library that led to a week of fabulous lunches. I love it when you find something that sparks a flurry of creating. It can be a new set of colouring pencils, a cookbook, … Read More

Herb spread spring boost

This isn’t a sponsored post, I just like to support small business. When I’m onto a good thing, I like to share the love.  I’m always on the lookout for ways to up my fresh greens and herbs quota. Waiheke … Read More

Comfort food – mexican eggs

The youngest of the household is requesting mexican eggs a bunch lately. It’s one of our fast and furiously made comfort foods. Passed onto me by friends who spent years in Mexico, it’s traditionally a way to stretch leftovers and … Read More

Best Mexican food around

On my birthday we checked out this new Mexican lunch bar, Cielito Lindo. It had only been open 2 weeks and I hope it stays. It’s the best! Lovely people and the most authentic simple Mexican food I’ve had since I was … Read More

Green goddess dressing

Introducing this week’s culinary highlight. I have tried making variations of the Green Goddess dressing many times over the years but none as good as this one. It’s a landmark day folks. Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Turshen’s cookbook, It’s All Good, … Read More

Summer fruit

‘Tis the season of summer fruit.  Our fruit bowl is the place to be at the moment. The local fruit and vege shop had $1 rockmelon, honeydew and organic grapes this week. I loved the rockmelon so much. It brought back … Read More

Chickweed pesto – Free greens!

I try and eat wild greens every day. Chickweed is one of my favourites. My garden is running wild with it at the moment. It contains potassium, calcium, iron and zinc and because it’s picked and eaten fresh, you benefit … Read More

The Luisa plum

 Luisa plums have to be the cream of the plum crops…they are kind of pear shaped, sweet and juicy with yellow flesh. And taste so good. Our local orchard had ONE week when these beauties were on sale. They went … Read More

new fave green smoothie

Oh my goodness, I need to get back into town for more supplies, this smoothie was so good!  Fresh pineapple, soaked goji berries, spinach and peppermint out of the garden, lemon straight off the tree, lime, spirulina powder, raw manuka … Read More

loving kombucha

The latest cookbook to come into my kitchen is Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions. I have seen copies in countless places over the years and finally have my own copy.  There are so many diets and ways of eating people swear by … Read More

birthday love

My birthday this year was one to remember. It started with dinner out at a local Italian restaurant on my birthday eve. We all dressed up which was fun. It’s a rare treat to see the young fella in anything … Read More

apple season

We haven’t been apple picking yet but we’ve been bringing home big boxes of seconds apples for $4 a pop from our local orchard. My favourite variety so far was Golden Delicious. I had plans to make all manner of … Read More

seasonal fruit

Feijoas and lemons from our trees, tomatillos from next door, apples, mandarins and pears from the orchard just over the hill. It’s as seasonal and local as it gets. Oh, except for the pineapple lurking in the fridge…that’s from a … Read More

summer fruit fest

It’s a summer fruit fest. Just look at my fruit bowl.  Okay, so it’s not my regular fruit bowl that sits on the bench, it’s my pull out occasionally special dish that was my Nana’s. (Just in case y’all get … Read More

Oregano harvest

The oregano harvest is an annual thing. Just before the plants go into flower I cut enough of the aerial parts to bundle and hang in the hot water cupboard to dry. I love that our little home is often … Read More

Seven words

In my line of work and in the circles I roam in, I get to hang with a bunch of different naturopaths. In my work at East West Organics the staff are all into various modes of healthy living and … Read More

Gluten free chocolate chunk cookies

We had friends due for afternoon tea and my partner had promised some home baking. I had the orange cake in the oven before I remembered one of them is gluten-free. Yikes. I googled Gluten free cookies and there were … Read More

Kid grown carrots

I know the light is all skewy in this photo, but I love it. Jed is harvesting carrots and peas from his garden at the moment. From seed to plate, growing your own vegetables is so satisfying. The taste is … Read More

Asparagus season

I try and eat locally grown fruit and vegetables that are in season. ‘Try’ being the key word there. If the source of fresh produce is on the other side of the world, chances are, I will put it back … Read More

Spirulina for kids?!

I’ve been sneaking spirulina into smoothies for awhile. One day I came downstairs and the smallest of the household was busy chopping parsley and broccoli into tiny pieces and popping them into vegetable caps. I didn’t even know he could … Read More

Simple Good Food: Miso and Avocado

In my days at the frantic paced Greenpeace office, lunch was often marmite and avocado on toast, with a sprinkle of baby salad leaves on top on a good day. I soon learned miso was much nicer. And better for … Read More

Beetroot hummus and homemade crackers

Those of you who have been around awhile know I like to have a go at making pretty much everything, at least once. Homemade crackers have been on my list for a year. I went to a Raw Foods workshop … Read More

favourite juice – recipe

How about the colour of this juice?! I love it. It’s beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger juice. The perfect mid afternoon pick-me-up. Just what these chilly winter days in New Zealand need.  Cheers! The basic recipe I got from It’s All Good. … Read More

The eggheads. A tutorial.

Meet the eggheads. We made these two in anticipation of the Gardening for Kids article I wrote that just came out in the NZ Herald’s Element Magazine. They weren’t looking their best in time for the photo shoot but they … Read More

in the fridge

There are often almonds soaking in my fridge these days. I find the longer I soak them, the creamier the almond milk they make. Plus I love them sliced in salads or in smoothies. A bunch end up dried and … Read More

new fave cook book

I have a small and eclectic assortment of cookbooks on my kitchen shelf. I am tempted to add another. Every now and then I request a bunch of cook books from our local library. I came home with five the … Read More

no knead bread

You all know that I strive for a simple life right? My red flag is whether we are eating well. If I haven’t made bread then I know things are a bit off balance.  I make three loaves of my … Read More

a medicinal pause

Ahh, the change of seasons. Here in the North Island of New Zealand we are in that changeable weather stage. It can be boiling hot in the sun, super chilly in the mornings and torrential rain at the drop of … Read More

the marinated mushroom

I love mushrooms all sorts of ways, but these marinated mushrooms are a kind of melt-in-the-mouth goodness that is perfect for a savoury treat. They keep beautifully in the fridge and are great at parties, or to zing up a … Read More

Living and Fermented Foods workshops

My dear friend Nicki MacKinnon is a talented Naturopath and Herbalist who specialises in Raw Foods. New Zealander’s may have heard of her Green Smoothie Workshops.  She has teamed up with Kamilla and Jo of ‘Be Nourished’ to give this … Read More


We have been creating up a storm of different juices and smoothies in the last week. We have a machine! I have been thinking about it for years and finally met a wonderful man through work who is the NZ … Read More

mystery fruit in mailbox

Jed has been getting a few surprises in the mailbox lately. Our dear friend Claire, who is the most amazing cook, has been popping mystery fruits into the mailbox in paper bags.  So exciting! And very thoughtful. (Thank you Claire!) … Read More

the great annual strawberry pilgrimage

Our years, like our days, have a definite rhythm. I think this is our busiest summer together yet. I find the trick is to be conscious about balance. A busy few days of friends, new places to explore and late … Read More

mason jar fun

Mason jars get used for all sorts of things around here. Science experiments, sun teas, food storage, paint mixing…they are on high rotation. I came across a blog post about salads-in-a-jar by Cassie of the back to her roots blog … Read More


Jed bought me this artichoke plant last summer. It’s taller than I am now and we counted 12 artichokes growing. I love the grey sculptural leaves and the produce. The cats and Spike the hedgehog likes the shady cave around … Read More

Kaipatiki Plant Medicine workshop

Learn the power of the green! I am running a plant medicine workshops called ‘Kitchen Table Herbal Medicine’ at the Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre on Auckland’s North Shore on the 30th of November. The class runs from 10-1 and you’ll … Read More

Soup night

I am keeping busy with fingers in a few pies. Once a month a catering friend and I cook two enormous pots of soup or curry, 8 cakes, 12 loaves of 5 grain bread and a few huge trays of … Read More

birthday fever

A quick piece of photographic evidence of why it’s quiet around. here. Yup, it’s birthday fever! The little guy turned 6 today. We have been caught up in days of celebratory greatness. So. Much. Fun. And I haven’t seen him … Read More

The Homemade Pantry

Every now and then I get a book out of the library but then find myself unwilling to part with it. This is one: The Homemade Pantry – 101 Foods you can stop buying and start making. By Alana Chernila. … Read More

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