Herb spread spring boost

This isn’t a sponsored post, I just like to support small business. When I’m onto a good thing, I like to share the love.  I’m always on the lookout for ways to up my fresh greens and herbs quota. Waiheke … Read More

Natural wasp sting treatment

Jed and I took our new neighbours along our bush track the other day and while in pursuit of some bamboo, I blundered into a wasps nest. There must have been hundreds of the dudes in there, they all came … Read More

lemon, honey and ginger

 Jed and I have succumbed to colds and have been laying low, keeping warm and enjoying the homefront. Our little lemon tree is laden with fruit and I am so grateful to have homegrown lemons on hand. I use them … Read More

chamomile harvest

It’s a modest, ongoing chamomile harvest but a most satisfying one. Homegrown and dried chamomile used to make tea is such a different experience when compared to shop bought. My favourite is fresh chamomile and peppermint straight from the garden … Read More

mountain herbs

Kicking around outside in Queenstown a few weeks ago, I showed the kids how many medicinal plants were around. There was chickweed, yarrow, cleavers, oregano, mugwort, plantain, dandelion, violets…the place was rampant with medicinal herbage. It reminded me of the … Read More

Spirulina for kids?!

I’ve been sneaking spirulina into smoothies for awhile. One day I came downstairs and the smallest of the household was busy chopping parsley and broccoli into tiny pieces and popping them into vegetable caps. I didn’t even know he could … Read More

Plant Medicine Workshop next month.

A few of you have been asking when the next Plant Medicine Workshop is. You’re in luck, I will be giving one called Kitchen Table Herbal Medicine at the Kaipatiki Project on the 9th of August.  I learnt from old … Read More

a medicinal pause

Ahh, the change of seasons. Here in the North Island of New Zealand we are in that changeable weather stage. It can be boiling hot in the sun, super chilly in the mornings and torrential rain at the drop of … Read More

Plant Medicine workshop

Ever wanted to know what plants that grow locally can be used safely as medicine for everyday ailments like cuts, colds, coughs and sore throats? The old wise women I learned much of my herbcraft from extracted a promise from … Read More

Kaipatiki Plant Medicine workshop

Learn the power of the green! I am running a plant medicine workshops called ‘Kitchen Table Herbal Medicine’ at the Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre on Auckland’s North Shore on the 30th of November. The class runs from 10-1 and you’ll … Read More


I may have the best intentions to take photos during a workshop but once folks start arriving and i start talking, well, those intentions don’t translate into photographic documentation. I have given many many Plant Medicine Workshops over the years. … Read More

Plant Medicine Workshop February 2013

I thought i had better post about the upcoming Plant MedicineWorkshop before all the places go. I just started promoting it a few days ago and folks are excited. Me too, i love this work. It brings together plants and … Read More

Extracurricular magazine and plant handbook giveaway

Extracurricular magazine’s Issue Ten is out! And it’s a good one. The theme is self-sufficiency and there are articles on bee-keeping, sourdough making, slow fashion, homebrew, soap making AND a feature by me called, The kitchen sink school of herbalism. … Read More

The GrowMama Plant medicine handbook

 …is here. Or rather, available in my felt shop over HERE. There are a pile of them here waiting to be posted out. Exciting! I am truly passionate about learning to manage our own and our families common health complaints with the plants that grow … Read More

poor photographic evidence

So, here you have it folks. Very poor photographic evidence of a very entertaining (and hopefully informative!) Plant Medicine workshop last Sunday. I had forgotten how much i love this work. It felt good to be back at it. Much … Read More

snapshots of a wintry day

A handful of vintage button deliciousness from Lets Go Retro. My treat. Dreaming up which project these will adorn. The vastness of beach to ourselves and the wind. I think we are down here as much during the winter as … Read More

creativity on the cards – and a giveaway

Finances don’t quite stretch to getting contact cards designed and printed yet. I whipped up a set myself. I bought the white standard cards from the stationers and am using the teeny weeny but still beautiful scraps of vintage fabric … Read More

lavender magic

I am so grateful I have the knowledge and skills to heal myself and those close to me. This is what it used to be like before we gave away responsibility for our heath to others. First aid used to … Read More

garden glad

Motherwort – Leonurus cardiaca. Ready to be picked for tincture-making. Loving runner beans, cucumbers, beets, salads and courgettes at the moment. Beans come top of my list today. The bean flowers are scarlet-beautiful, and the crop of fresh beans to … Read More

healing salve – and how to make one

I love making an annual batch of spring salve. A herbalist trained by old women in Eastern Europe who learnt from their mama’s, who learnt from their mama’s, salvemaking is part of how i celebrate the seasons and the healing … Read More

GrowMama at large

My gorgeous nephew in his GrowMama bib. There are a few GrowMama bibs up on Trademe at the moment (just for a laugh, not really the right place for them, but hey, it has been said i’ll try anything once. … Read More


A favourite at the moment is peppermint tea, fresh picked. Delicious warm or cold.Peak chickweed season too – it feels so good to eat wild so abundantly.It has to be spring coming, the herb garden is going wild.It stays green … Read More