the butterfly house

The West Lynn Gardens in West Auckland, NZ….well worth a picnic, wander, wonder and a play. Staffed by a committed group of volunteers and payment a trust box at the gate. The gardens are extensive, old (well, in NZ timeframe … Read More

garden glad

Motherwort – Leonurus cardiaca. Ready to be picked for tincture-making. Loving runner beans, cucumbers, beets, salads and courgettes at the moment. Beans come top of my list today. The bean flowers are scarlet-beautiful, and the crop of fresh beans to … Read More

digging of two kinds

Jed’s Aunty Chelle gave him the best present ever. A real digger. The day after she gave it to him he woke up at 5am desperate to go on it. I was desperate to go back to sleep. I ended … Read More

colouring my world happy

look what vintage fabric just arrived! i can’t seem to bring myself to wear any black these days… even lunch is ablaze with colour… (and yes, i did forget to blog yesterday, ahem…two today to make up for it)

the colours of summer

Loving these colours.There are bowls of fruit everywhere in the house. I just love the look of them. Apricots, blueberries, plums, plums and plums, nectarines…i dream of this bounty in the heart of winter and here we are, in the … Read More

summer and a SMS giveaway winner

Summer is finally here. I think. Still hedging my bets after so very much rain and chilliness but people are swimming, the anise hyssop is all abloom, the pohutakawa’s are flowering their red red goodness, and the stick insects are … Read More

healing salve – and how to make one

I love making an annual batch of spring salve. A herbalist trained by old women in Eastern Europe who learnt from their mama’s, who learnt from their mama’s, salvemaking is part of how i celebrate the seasons and the healing … Read More


A favourite at the moment is peppermint tea, fresh picked. Delicious warm or cold.Peak chickweed season too – it feels so good to eat wild so abundantly.It has to be spring coming, the herb garden is going wild.It stays green … Read More


A woman i barely know gave me these jonquils out of the blue yesterday. Next time i see her I will let her know how much joy her gift brought me. My car now smells divine and we have a … Read More

that pumpkin

Jed and i planted these organic pumpkin seeds and entrusted them to the wonderful Hew the housesitting friend while we were based in Fiji a month. They survived and thrived on our baking hot deck and I helped Jed plant … Read More

a peek into our day

This piece of multi-coloured patched loveliness is Jed, Pema and I’s new best friend. A large blankie, lined with soft flannelette fabric. Beautifully made and recently acquired from Trademe. Perfect for snuggling into and reading books in front of the … Read More

not knitting

I am very fond of vests. For myself, and now, inflicting them on small people. I find they are especially good for small people. Vests keep the chest and back warm and cosy while leaving those active arms uninhibited and … Read More

a simple plan

Love those coloursIt was a simple plan. Reclaim some neglected garden from groundcover. Plant parsley and kale plants. Empty compost bucket. Throw a fun biased mama and an almost 2 year old into the mix and well, we got kind … Read More

the last feijoa harvest cake

for those who have yet to discover the joys of feijoa’s – they are the green oval fruits next to the other green oval fruits (grapes) and our organic ricebubble-honey-dried fruit thingies. feijoa cake in the makingi’d post a picture … Read More

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