where radishes take me back to France…

There is nothing like greens picked fresh from the garden. I’ve been harvesting baby radishes to thin out the plantings. Zing! That pop of red against the spring green of the leaves and the flavour is just out of this … Read More

parenting tools – what are yours?

  I field a fair amount of questions about parenting. I think it is about time I added a bunch of parenting resources here on GrowMama. It changes so much doesn’t it…from conception, pregnancy, birth or adoption and the unfurling … Read More

sunset spectacular

  Nature puts on the best show. We have been having the most amazing sunsets. These photos were taken a few minutes apart. Jed and I were literally ooh’ing and aah’ing watching it all unfold.    Special quiet moments … Read More

from my former self

 Awhile ago i finally sent for three boxes that friends had kept for me in their attic. For about ten years. These were the pieces i had salvaged from my life on the outskirts of the French Pyrenean village, St Laurent de … Read More

Flashback Fridays

Awaiting the Beltane ritual at Twin Oaks Community – i was the element air in case you were wondering and thats my friend Dream. Yes, really! On Fridays, when the spirit moves me, i plan to wander down memory lane…a … Read More