Sneak preview – Pattern review: Coastline top

All you non-crafty sewy types might want to scroll on by this one! Sarah from SewKnitLove posted a request for pattern reviewers for their new Coastline top on facebook and was swamped in hours. I was lucky enough to be among the … Read More

Making – a denim fen

I had some lightweight denim cotton from my birthday splurge at The Fabric Store that was just begging to be a shirt. I have a thing for denim. I had the long sleeve shirt cut out but completely forgot about … Read More

The Fabric Store

This is where non-fabric enthusiasts can keep scrolling past! On my birthday I went to The Fabric Store for the first time.  Yup. After we’d eaten at a great new Mexican lunchbar. The thought of going to just fondle fabric … Read More

summer sewing therapy

In the midst of the busy I have been seeking the calm of creative work. Those of you who been popping in here at GrowMama awhile know that I sometimes sew as a kind of therapy. I think we all … Read More

Fabric. Fabric. Fabric-a-brac!

Um, yeah, so…non textile lovin’ people might want to meander on and pop back in tomorrow…the rest of you? Feast your eyes! Fabric-a-brac Auckland was yesterday and Grace asked me to take a few photos. Not that I needed an excuse. … Read More

Making: a woven hemlock tee

There has been a bit to think about in the last week. As usual when the proverbial hits the fan, I hit the sewing machine. It’s a productive sort of a therapeutic approach. I found this double gauze on sale … Read More

It’s pyjama season

I use the pyjama pattern from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing book. It was one of those books I read about in blogland, borrowed from the library and couldn’t bear to part with. I bought it, and I am so glad … Read More

the hemlock tee

 I like simple patterns that I can tweak and use in many different ways. I have been on the lookout for a good jersey T shirt pattern and have found it in Grainline’s Hemlock Tee. Not only is it everything … Read More

Peppermint sewing school shorts

Yep, these photos were taken when the sun was too high and bright and you know what? That’s okay. I can live with it. It was the only way they were going to get done. It has been a mad … Read More


Now I have an independent seven year old, I have a lot of time on my hands. Well, at homechooling groups and classes at least. I find it really hard to sit and just chat. My thumbs weren’t created with … Read More

not being graceful and therapeutic sewing

Goodness. What a week. What a month. Or quite possibly, year.  I haven’t been managing to juggle all that is life very gracefully lately. At all. I have been running around trying to make things on time, always feeling like … Read More

Sew Love Tea Do – don’t mind if I do

I popped into see the lovely Sarah Lancaster at the Sew Love Tea Do sewing lounge in St Kevin’s Arcade on Auckland’s Karangahape Rd yesterday. What a stunner of a store it is too. If you love crafty goodness, fabric … Read More

what I brought home

I did bring home some treasures from the Vintage Textile Fair. Despite being a tad skint at the moment, I gave myself a budget and couldn’t believe what I managed to bring home. This amazing hand embroidered purse for one. … Read More

Vintage Textile Fair – tactile and visual heaven

I think it is the third year in a row I have gone to the Auckland Vintage Textile Fair and it is so interesting to observe what I am drawn to. Bright colour, embroidery and hand woven textiles this year. … Read More

making. feverishly

There has been need of some sewing therapy lately. With attending Fabric-a-brac and the Vintage Textile Fair in the last few weeks, there has been a healthy dollop of inspiration. And a few beautiful additions to my fabric stash. I … Read More

Fabric-a-brac – the rundown

The blank looks when I told people I was going to Fabric-a-brac gave way to looks of befuddlement when I explained it was a fabric market. That’s one way to tell the textile enthusiasts and crafters from the uninitiated or … Read More

playing with print blocks

Remember these printing blocks I bought from Provenance at the market the other weekend? We’ve been putting them to good use! Fabric paint and pens is a staple on the crafting shelf here but we hadn’t done any fabric printing. … Read More

beginnings of a crafty winter

Making stuff is one of the foundations to my happiness. Or my contentedness. I can get by on making good food and good deep conversation or organising for awhile, but really, I need projects. Of the crafting variety. Designing something, … Read More

roadie finds

So, okay, I couldn’t do a road trip without putting the brakes on for a few op shops along the way. This was the extent of the haul though. If I was a dealer I could’ve brought back much more, … Read More

a day out

I picked up two friends and we headed for Auckland’s annual Vintage Textile Fair. It was like stepping into another world for the morning. And so lovely to share it with these two beautiful women; Angela of Mermaids Purse and … Read More

Vintage and Retro Sale – not to be missed!

This is a rare opportunity my vintage loving friends! A lovely friend is helping someone move on a huge original collection gathered over decades by a local woman with a passion for fashion, textiles and dressmaking. I had some of … Read More

grandma’s gift

I found a parcel in my mailbox. It’s contents brought tears to my eyes. Not just because it was sent from a very dear friend, Jasminka. Not just because it came all the way from her home country, Hrvatska. (Croatia) … Read More

Pixie hoodies

  Each season I check through Jed’s drawers and take stock. A bunch of stuff gets passed on to the cousins and friends. I have to get sign off from every item that comes into his clothing repertoire because otherwise … Read More

Sew Liberated – Paloma pattern

I came home from Fabric-a-brac with six metres of a beautifully soft cotton/merino blend in this stripy jersey. I kept fondling it…and now i get to wear it. I finally bought a pattern from Meg McElwee’s Sew Liberated range. I … Read More

fabric geekery

My interest in fabric is such that a friend and i woke at 5.30 to get ourselves and all our fabric into Fabric-a-brac. Are we fabric geeks? Was this our idea of fun? Yes and YES! Unashamedly yes on all … Read More

summer sewing

{er, sewing geek-out disclaimer-Come back tomorrow if not that way inclined! xx) I turned up at the Sew Fun retreat with a basketful of vintage fabrics from my stash and a book. No clue what i was going to make. … Read More

spring vintage

It’s been awhile since i hit the vintage sheet bonanza at the op shop. Today was a fleeting visit and i came away with some spring floral loveliness. I came home inspired to sew. Market season fast approaching, eek!  I have … Read More

eco dyeing and fabric-a-brac

I will get to that backlog of blogpost goodness, really i will. And wrap up the birthday just past, really i will…a few of you have been asking. I am a bit slow these days. Revving up though…just you wait! … Read More

the scrap bag clock

 Notchka from The Wardrobe ran a Scrap Bag Swap recently and i received a lovely package of scraps from the wonderful woman behind Mushroom Lane. I have a bunch of projects in mind. But y’know, ideas are not my problem, it’s … Read More

stumbling along

 I have just been stumbling along lately. Busily, and fairly happily, but it is one of those times in life when a bunch of the big decisions that need answering are all clamouring for my attention at once. House, learning … Read More

walking through the ages

After Kraftbomb on Sunday, i legged it across town to the Auckland Vintage Textile Fair. A first timer, i had no idea what to expect. What i got was a delightful wander back through the ages. Even some of the … Read More

shades of green

Green is the favourite colour around here at the moment. There are green cats, green buds apparent on the winter branches of the deciduous trees, new green knitted cardigan for the small one (I get asked if i knit all … Read More


It was a glorious sunny day but Jed didn’t want to go to the beach or for a bikeride. He wanted to do the dyeing project we’ve been talking about for weeks. And so! For a small person that loves … Read More

a bunting jag

I love making bunting flags for people. They are a heirloom piece, likely to be handed down through the generations. This set was made on commission for the lovely Tia. I consulted with her mama to make the perfect set … Read More

finding, keeping

We were headed home but eeked to a halt outside my favourite tiny church-run thrift shop. They had a sign outside. It said 50% off all stock. See, halt. Only reasonable course of action. Disguised in an ancient jam preserve … Read More

the bag lady returns

Once upon a time, back when i handstitched bags and purses from old pairs of jeans and rainbow colours of embroidery thread and sold them on the streets of Europe…i earned the name ‘the bag lady’…in the nicest possible way … Read More

steamroller love

Crazy about building machines, but equally into bellies, babies and birth this small one. But the belly love is another story/blogpost. J can spot a digger, tractor, steamroller, crane or concrete mixer from miles away. This one was right on … Read More

make it, wear it

I have been a bit twitchy lately. Wanting to get out and about, make it to a regular 5 Rhythym’s dance session, yoga and just plain hang with friends and deepen some sweet friendships that have been simmering along on … Read More

re-life,upcycle, re-use – love those words

A merino jumper becomes… …a pair of racing stripe merino leggings for a small one. I love this upcycling milarky…those trousers took no time at all to make and are perfect for small gentleman pirates. One men’s size merino top … Read More

on the up

From the brown paper design and pattern making…. …to the finished product. I am very fond of corduroy and of my various odd bits of vintage barkcloth and thought i would try putting the two together. It’s a work in … Read More

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