Taking a leap

We had to move last year and it’s taken awhile to land at our new house and land. We’re getting there. I have been appreciating how warm and dry our new home is. And no risk of flood up here … Read More


One of Jed’s very best friends has gone gallivanting around Europe and Egypt for the entire summer break. Six weeks is a long time apart for friends who see each other so much. In a wonderful stroke of fate, his … Read More

Genevieve’s Peaceful Parenting workshops 19/20 September

I heard of Genevieve Simperingham through mutual friends early on in my parenting journey. She is quite an amazing person. I love what she does in the world and the gifts she offers the parents who work with her. I … Read More

rainbow moko

The little guy surprised me with this beautiful rainbow moko. I love all the colour and shape and movement. Especially how one area flows into another. Which reminds me of a random thing. We were playing Junior Monopoly and talking … Read More

A retreat in a day with Stephanie Dowrick

I got to spend the day with this wonderful woman on Saturday. Well, me and sixty or so others. But still, it was special. It was Mana Retreat’s annual Retreat in a Day with Stephanie Dowrick. How special to have … Read More

adventure medicine

There have been some tough times for my boy and I at various times this year so it is with great pleasure I say we’re both in a good place. Not to diss the more challenging parts of life. I … Read More

three things

    Photo credit: the very talented James Edward Bourne. JamesBournePhotography.com I met an inspiring mama lately. We started chatting at a playground in town, we two amongst the many parents…and it turned out we are both homeschooling. Gabrielle is way … Read More

a little time out

I have been trying……to pick up the pace with creating my work-based-at-home life now Jed is older. That dude will happily play in his room working all sorts of magic, for hours at a time. Which means i can work … Read More

Inside out

I wore my handmade vintage fabric dress inside out today. Oops.I managed to go the whole day without realising. All through Kraftbomb market, my supermarket shop for civil defense supplies (all the rage here in post earthquake NZ ), buying … Read More

up time and down time

It’s been a beautifully crowded ten days. ‘Up time’. Going, doing, seeing. Sunshine. Friends. Long weekend. Family. Deadlines. Two markets. Much crafting. (More on that shortly)Two special birthdays. Adventures galore. The first swim of the season. Did i mention the … Read More

Mama, take a moment

While moping because i was missing the Wilco concert (i had a ticket, had been looking forward to it for months and no appropriate babysitter in sight, sigh) i connected with a few mama friends who have just welcomed another … Read More

some sleep, some don’t

Jed having a rare nap at not quite eight weeks old. (Yup, i know) I met a woman in a shop a few weeks ago. Her small one was flirting with mine and we got talking. Somehow sleep came into … Read More

how to raise our kids?

How to raise kids without squishing them…By that i mean how do we leave intact the innate wonder and sense of connectedness to this sacred web of life we are all born with? How to raise kids that are open … Read More

digging of two kinds

Jed’s Aunty Chelle gave him the best present ever. A real digger. The day after she gave it to him he woke up at 5am desperate to go on it. I was desperate to go back to sleep. I ended … Read More

learning again, and again

Loving that its lighter later. Time for a good frolic and explore at the beach in the evenings after supper. We are so blessed to live here. Exploring. Tide out. Rockpools. Anenomes, little fish, crabs, critons, bugs, sea snails, different … Read More

last night and this morning

Winter sun, garden fun. Muddy puddles and jed cuddles. Yes, it is quite possible i have been reading too many children’s books lately. Although that little ditty does sum up the morning nicely.There was an accident on the road last … Read More