Good Work Story: From the Boardroom to the Beach. Josh Borthwick.

An interview with Josh Borthwick, CEO Sustainable Coastlines Ever been for a walk on a beautiful beach, only to find the moment ruined by cigarette butts, or worse? Water safety warnings have been in the news again this summer. The … Read More

Redundancy – from whoa to go.

Let’s face it, being made redundant sucks. In the Grief Indicator chart put out by the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, loss of a job and being laid off rank high. As with all grief, everyone will feel this … Read More

Good Work Story: From Hair Stylist to Earth Care Advocate

An interview with Sonja Urban, Conservation Officer at Conservation Volunteers Aotearoa Sonja was a hairstylist for years. In the salon she was known for having conversations with clients around sustainability, environment and politics – not your salon usual! It came … Read More

Bring your volunteers out of the shadows – Do Good Jobs Employers

Without volunteers, New Zealand would falter. Especially the do-good sector. Volunteering New Zealand states 21.5% of Kiwi’s volunteer and the value of formal volunteering is estimated at 4 billion dollars annually. That’s about 159 million hours of formal volunteer labour … Read More

Good Work Stories: Rhiannon Robinson-The People Powerhouse

The Do Good Jobs team has grown recently, so this month we’re featuring Rhiannon Robinson, the new Do Good Jobs Business Development Manager. Rhiannon lights up explaining why she loves her job. Which, of course, is what Do Good Jobs … Read More

How to field curveball interview questions like a pro

Every interviewer has their favourite curveball interview questions. They’re often preceded by a glint in the interviewer’s eye and a pause before they strike. You know the ones. Some we’ve come to expect, like asking what our greatest weakness is, … Read More

The eight magic ingredients for a thriving team – Do Good Jobs

I was on a webinar last week and one of the presenters referred to an organisation or business as a cake and the employees the icing. I disagreed vehemently. Our people are the cake itself. They bring the components of … Read More

Five steps to save time in your job search – Do Good Jobs

Looking for work can feel like a part-time job in itself. My advice is to approach your job search like you would any chunk of work and manage your time well. I have three words. Strategise. Streamline. Systems. 1. Get … Read More