It’s a beautiful photo to me

It’s a quiet and unassuming photo but it is a favourite of mine from the last wee while. It won’t win any awards but for me it speaks about growing connections with friends. It speaks about exploring the natural world … Read More

Microlife in firewood

It was one of those natural learning moments when a discovery turns into hours of exploration and study. All that firewood we stacked? And those critters we found in between the wood and the bark? The ‘Art Digger Beetles’? Turns … Read More

this lovely lady

We have been seeing rather alot of this lovely lady recently. We just became friends of Auckland Zoo. Magazine, email updates, behind the scenes opportunities. Ideal for folks who study animals ALOT. Despite my issues around keeping animals in captivity … Read More

Baby forest gecko

For the last few years there has been a forest gecko living in the old Sky dish metal pipe on the outside of our deck. Then we saw TWO gecko heads popping out to sunbathe. Now the fruits of their … Read More

Stay home club

I am not much of a Tshirt person. Something about them just doesn’t do it for me, but I have a special few I love. This one is on high rotation.  I am happy at home. Home is important to … Read More

animal friends

We have been reading Enid Blyton’s Adventure series lately. They are about four kids who stumble into the most hair raising adventures. One of the characters, Philip, loves animals and quite often will have one or two living about him. … Read More

Jack Rascal – one lost bunny

One of Jed’s favourite things is ‘Animal Rescue’. We got a do a real live one on Friday. We had just got home from town and our neighbour appeared all flustered saying he had just seen our rabbit loose at … Read More

Local Goodness: Bird Rescue Centre

Local Goodness. It’s a new series here at GrowMama.I’ll be profiling or taking a peek into various cool businesses, organisations and places aroundabout here. We’re talking eco-minded, progressive smaller endeavours, with a definite more’ish quality.How to define the boundaries of what … Read More

‘Spike’ the hedgehog

If someone would have told me I’d be driving home with a hedgehog yesterday, I would have laughed. Just goes to show…you never know what life is going to spring on you. This lovely little lady had been rescued a … Read More

The Arataki Centre

At the top of the Waitakere Ranges, between where we live and town, it is all national park. And in the park, there is a great place called the Arataki Centre. There are bush walks of all descriptions leading from … Read More

giant centipedes

There was great excitement in the garden this weekend. Work was underway to relocate a pile of uncomposted ‘biodegradable’ nappies. Dwelling underneath the pile we found these beauties. Giant centipedes.  Aren’t they incredible? We live in a beautifully wild place … Read More

spontaneous travel

We bunked off on Friday afternoon (me still working remotely in the passenger seat enroute) and headed for the Coromandel. Jed’s grandparents were on a (most out of character) road trip, this was the furthest north they were coming and … Read More

nest wonder

 I would have walked right past. Isn’t it amazing what children see? We checked back later and saw the mama bird sitting in the nest. Jed couldn’t believe his luck. One of Jed’s most treasured possessions is a beautiful blue … Read More

baby seal

Look who we bumped into on the beach. Poor wee tired mite. What you can’t see is the heavy rain, strong winds and very very high waves. I hope the mama seal found the little critter. There have been a few … Read More

the week of the bird

Spring is busy working it’s fecund magic out there. We had an inadvertant week of the bird lately…We got to feed and visit with next door baby bantams while they were all out at work and school. Little guy was … Read More

it began with a bunny

 He’s had the briefest of mentions but I haven’t introduced you properly. This is the newest member of the household. Ostensibly a birthday present, by the time Jed’s actual birthday rolled around, it felt like Chestnut the rabbit had always … Read More

bat wings, rabbits and small boys

 It is truly winter here in my corner of New Zealand. I was missing a layer. I needed something boxy, fairly short in length and with nice drape to the fabric. Something to throw on over whatever i was wearing … Read More

Going bush

We live on a wild coastline, famous for it’s wild surf. Surrounding our wee sprawling ‘village’ is a National Park. From our deck or windows we see Kereru (wood pigeon), piwakawaka (fantails) and tui every day. The gecko i blogged about HERE, … Read More

three potentially life changing things

ONE. This is the newest member of the family. What can i say? 1) Jed is very happy and, 2) hormonally crashing mama’s probably shouldn’t make large decisions like adopting baby rabbits. You’ll be hearing more about this little dude … Read More


We went on a rescue mission last week. Two baby guinea pigs have been with us since then. One of their names is Princess Bang, the other is Charlotte Spider. But for the last six days they have been answering … Read More

kereru carousing

 For those of you not familiar with New Zealand native birds…this one is like a bus in flight. You can hear them flying from ages off. They are big and used to be much prized in the pot. Hence their … Read More

gecko and friends

Children see the world so differently. Try as i might, i don’t see as much as them. Jed found this gecko over the edge of our deck a few days ago. It’s been greatly exciting to see him/her come and … Read More

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