New favourite t-shirt alert!  I am not a wildly enthusiastic t-shirt wearer. I have a few, perfectly cut tee’s that Iove and wear on repeat and this one has joined their ranks.  Not only will you look fab (and join a … Read More


My boy and his dad were laughing on Mother’s Day. They reckoned I was the only mama in the history of the world who’d asked for a Thermette as a gift. Rather than a massage or chocolates or whatever I suppose. … Read More

And the winner is…

Heartfelt thanks for all your comments about your holiday traditions. I had a lovely time reading them all and replying. I sorted through the double ups and facebook entries for the Big GrowMama Holiday Giveaway. I numbered all your entries … Read More

Found a baby seal?

About this time of the year you sometimes come across baby seals. The mama’s are starving and have found them a safe place for the day while they go out and hunt. We just found a bunch of people surrounding … Read More

community noticeboard

Every now and then I come across a product and I think EVERYONE should know about.  I think a new feature (a random one!) on the blog might be born. Hence the ‘community noticeboard’ blog title. I was sent this … Read More