GrowMama Community Sew Project goes remote

Want to do some good? Put those sewing skills to good use? We’ve had Drop-in Community Sew Days planned and had to cancel twice because of this darn coronavirus and the lockdowns. So! I have a cunning plan. We’re going … Read More

swapping social media for simple pleasures

The world can feel a bit much sometimes. We’ve trouble stirring in our little community, with someone anonymously campaigning against dogs (not quite sure how else to describe it) and rather than talking to owners, going straight to the authorities. … Read More

‘Tis the season of giving. Have you?

One in five people in NZ live in poverty. This is a hard time of year for lots of reasons, economic disparity being just one. I know we want less consumerism and plastic in the world but we also don’t … Read More


New favourite t-shirt alert!  I am not a wildly enthusiastic t-shirt wearer. I have a few, perfectly cut tee’s that Iove and wear on repeat and this one has joined their ranks.  Not only will you look fab (and join a … Read More

Book Review: Lucy’s Moon circles book

Moon Circle: Rediscover intuition, wildness and sisterhood A book by Lucy AitkenRead from the Lulastic and the Hippyshake blog The moon circle Lucy describes reminds me of the ideal parent-child relationship, a connection of complete acceptance, one of unconditional love. … Read More

Being an ally to a child with anxiety

Do any of you follow Lucy on her Lulastic and the Hippyshake blog? I bet some you do! It’s pretty cool over there. Well, Lucy has started up a website (and a movement!) called Parent Allies.  I wrote a thing … Read More

General Collective

What a week it’s been.  We have so far to go, we humans. I have a lot to say about the US elections and the outcome. Others will say the same things more eloquently than me tonight. The hardest part … Read More

Learning centre at the dump

One of the homeschool mama’s organised a trip to our local refuse and transfer centre. Otherwise known as the dump. I had no idea the council had a learning centre up there. It was all kinds of awesome. The women … Read More

The BIG GrowMama Holiday Giveaway

 Welcome!  The Big GrowMama Holiday Giveaway is now closed, as of midnight 18th December, 2015. I will be drawing the winner by and announcing the winner and the two runner-ups on Sunday evening.  Good luck!  To win all this … Read More

passing on the good stuff

A friend was moving house. Her kids had houses of their own and her son’s precious stone and geological collection needed a new home. She is a dear person this friend. Jed already has a handsome treasure box full of … Read More

balls in the air (and on the ground)

When things are hard at home, everything else wobbles. That’s my experience anyway. And when the wobbles are on a repeat cycle, ill health can creep in. It’s just that much harder to keep the balls in the air. I … Read More

The Dragon Riders

The long awaited third book to the Dragon Brothers trilogy is out! The Dragon Riders. It’s good. The little guy was thrilled to find this in the mailbox. We dove straight into the story. It doesn’t disappoint. Author James Russell … Read More

Taking stock:February

Joining in with the wonderful Pip Lincolne and taking stock. She provides the list, I free associate late at night. And will either cringe or be cool with it in the morning! Making : lists of things to do. I am … Read More

silo park and wynyard quarter

In my youth, Auckland downtown waterfront area was a bit grim. Gone are those days.  Silo Park and Wynyard Quarter are very cool areas to hang out now. Plenty for the kids to do with a playground and interactive exploring … Read More

On my bedside table

How is this for a stellar bedtime reading lineup?! I read like lightning. At school I used to get quizzed for reading comprehension on a regular basis as they could never believe I could be done reading already. I was. … Read More

Do Good Jobs ethical gift list

The pohutakawa’s are in flower! It’s always a magnificent sight along New Zealand’s coastline. The native herald of the holiday season. And in our garden. The tui’s, geckoes, bees and other littler native nectar drinkers are having a lovely time … Read More

Sew Love Tea Do – don’t mind if I do

I popped into see the lovely Sarah Lancaster at the Sew Love Tea Do sewing lounge in St Kevin’s Arcade on Auckland’s Karangahape Rd yesterday. What a stunner of a store it is too. If you love crafty goodness, fabric … Read More

Local Goodness: Crafty Baker

There’s a new baker in our ‘hood. I have heard a few rave reviews from locals but hadn’t ventured in. The traffic along West Coast Rd is often heavy and I didn’t manage to stop until I worked out there … Read More

Fabric-a-brac – the rundown

The blank looks when I told people I was going to Fabric-a-brac gave way to looks of befuddlement when I explained it was a fabric market. That’s one way to tell the textile enthusiasts and crafters from the uninitiated or … Read More

Helping Angela

I’d like to introduce you some incredible people. Angela and Raymond. Angela is a fellow blogger and friend of a friend here in NZ. Angela is fighting acute myeloid leukaemia. She has been accepted for treatment in Seattle and Raymond … Read More

Most Treasured Possession – Dee from Dee*Construction

It’s MONDAY!  That means it is time for my favourite thing at the moment: I have asked some lovely bloggers to share their most treasured possession with us and let us know why it is so treasured.  Unfashionable in this … Read More

Plant Medicine Workshop next month.

A few of you have been asking when the next Plant Medicine Workshop is. You’re in luck, I will be giving one called Kitchen Table Herbal Medicine at the Kaipatiki Project on the 9th of August.  I learnt from old … Read More

Most Treasured Possession – Yours truly!

A little something to liven up our Mondays… I have asked some lovely bloggers to share their most treasured possession with us and let us know why it is so treasured.  Unfashionable in this age of decluttering, simplifying and tiny … Read More

Green Living Show ticket giveaway

Sneaking in an unplanned blog post to offer you the chance to win tickets to the Auckland Green Living Show this weekend. 5th and 6th July at the ASB Showgrounds. It is shaping up to be quite the weekend. I … Read More

to market to market

I hadn’t been to one of our local markets for awhile. So glad I went. It was just that welcome blast of colour, friendly folk, good food and inspiration I needed. Titirangi Market, even though Auckland is awash in markets, … Read More

Most Treasured Possession – Melissa Wastney of Tiny Happy

So excited about this series! A little something to liven up our Mondays… I have asked some lovely bloggers to share their most treasured possession with us and let us know why it is so treasured.  Unfashionable in this age … Read More

Winter town adventure

I love our crew. Jed and I planned to go to Auckland Museum and have a wander through the wintergardens and Auckland Domain one day recently. I asked Jed the night before if he wanted company or just share the … Read More


When Jed started his woodworking sessions with a lovely neighbour/artist/wood wizard/jewellery maker two doors down, I had visions of handcrafted boxes. So funny how our expectations meet reality. First session: Bows and arrows. Second and third sessions: a katana-like sword. … Read More

Most Treasured Possession – Ellie Smith from Extracurricular

I have a new feature on GrowMama. A little something to liven up our Mondays. I have asked some lovely bloggers to share their most treasured possession with us and let us know why it is so treasured. It can’t … Read More

Most Treasured Possession – Sam from the WoodBotherers

I have a new feature on GrowMama. A little something to liven up our Mondays. I have asked some lovely bloggers to share their most treasured possession with us and let us know why it is so treasured. It can’t … Read More

It’s a beautiful photo to me

It’s a quiet and unassuming photo but it is a favourite of mine from the last wee while. It won’t win any awards but for me it speaks about growing connections with friends. It speaks about exploring the natural world … Read More

Living and Fermented Foods workshops

My dear friend Nicki MacKinnon is a talented Naturopath and Herbalist who specialises in Raw Foods. New Zealander’s may have heard of her Green Smoothie Workshops.  She has teamed up with Kamilla and Jo of ‘Be Nourished’ to give this … Read More

parenting tools – what are yours?

  I field a fair amount of questions about parenting. I think it is about time I added a bunch of parenting resources here on GrowMama. It changes so much doesn’t it…from conception, pregnancy, birth or adoption and the unfurling … Read More

Pillows for the birds and me

There’s been an outbreak of avian botulism at the Mangere Oxidation Ponds in Auckland. This has meant hundreds of birds affected and Lyn and her volunteer crew at the New Zealand Bird Rescue Centre have been flat out 24/7 caring … Read More

a mini-roadtrip

Gah. I just went through a bunch of photos and I am super motivated to make a move on that new camera. So disappointing to see photos that should be great, and are not. The old camera has served me … Read More

a call for kindness

I had all sorts of other ideas for blog posts today, but this is what is on my mind alot these days. Kindness. What a simple beautiful act being kind can be. Being kind to ourselves. To others. I tend … Read More

Kaipatiki Plant Medicine workshop

Learn the power of the green! I am running a plant medicine workshops called ‘Kitchen Table Herbal Medicine’ at the Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre on Auckland’s North Shore on the 30th of November. The class runs from 10-1 and you’ll … Read More

My work life this year. And Ethos.

A large part of my worklife this year has been consulting and managing the social media and brand of East West Organics, a wonderful organics company based in my hometown here in New Zealand. They are truly lovely people to … Read More

Local Goodness: Bird Rescue Centre

Local Goodness. It’s a new series here at GrowMama.I’ll be profiling or taking a peek into various cool businesses, organisations and places aroundabout here. We’re talking eco-minded, progressive smaller endeavours, with a definite more’ish quality.How to define the boundaries of what … Read More

lego build challenge: for a good cause

Need something fun to do with the kids? New Zealander’s are on mid term school holidays at the moment and we found the perfect activity. AND it’s for a good cause. Habitat for Humanity has partnered with Lego to establish … Read More

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