Rad reading: Ms Marvel

I was researching graphic novels for the youngest in the family and requested a selection from our library. I used this list of 14 recommended graphic novels for teens list. Marie Lu’s Legend series is a big hit with the … Read More

A week of Essential cookbook lunches

The boy found a cookbook at the library that led to a week of fabulous lunches. I love it when you find something that sparks a flurry of creating. It can be a new set of colouring pencils, a cookbook, … Read More

Rad reading: In the company of women

I have been a fan of Grace Bonney’s Design Sponge blog for years and I am not quite sure how I missed that she’d created a book, In the company of women. It’s all the good things! I requested it … Read More

Rad reading: 200 Women

I bought a beautiful book. It was birthday week after all.  200 Women. The full title is 200 Women who will change the way you see the world.  And it’s true. The book really does change you, in the very best … Read More

Book Review: Lucy’s Moon circles book

Moon Circle: Rediscover intuition, wildness and sisterhood A book by Lucy AitkenRead from the Lulastic and the Hippyshake blog The moon circle Lucy describes reminds me of the ideal parent-child relationship, a connection of complete acceptance, one of unconditional love. … Read More

Wishes and Worries

My hope is that these books make it into every kid’s home and school.  Wishes and Worries is a story about a young boy who struggles with anxiety and how he learns to overcome it. It’s well written and beautifully illustrated … Read More

What on earth wall books

A friend put us onto these books. For that I am very grateful. We have the What on Earth wall book of Science and Engineering and From the Big Bang to the Present Day. They are all kinds of awesome.  … Read More

The Dragon Riders

The long awaited third book to the Dragon Brothers trilogy is out! The Dragon Riders. It’s good. The little guy was thrilled to find this in the mailbox. We dove straight into the story. It doesn’t disappoint. Author James Russell … Read More

On my bedside table

How is this for a stellar bedtime reading lineup?! I read like lightning. At school I used to get quizzed for reading comprehension on a regular basis as they could never believe I could be done reading already. I was. … Read More

The Organic Explorer book is out now

Look what arrived in my mailbox. The new Organic Explorer book, hot off the press!  A bunch of people have been asking me to write an ethical Christmas post. I will. But I can give you a sneak preview now…on … Read More

Most Treasured Possession – Dee from Dee*Construction

It’s MONDAY!  That means it is time for my favourite thing at the moment: I have asked some lovely bloggers to share their most treasured possession with us and let us know why it is so treasured.  Unfashionable in this … Read More

The Booms

We have the honour of looking after our dear neighbours chickens and the fish in their pond while they are away for ten whole days. It has made a wonderful mini adventure break in our morning sessions to walk over … Read More

Grow Me Well

I meet all sorts of fantastic people in my line of work and last year, when I was teaching at the Kaipatiki Project, I got to meet Dee Pigneguy. Stories of her gardening and efforts to educate folks in the … Read More

Good Gifts: The Dragon Tamers

In the run-up to the upcoming seasonal gift giving shenanigans I will be doing a little series called Good Gifts. I know many of you, like me, want to support good projects and people, preferring to buy more gifts locally, … Read More

The Dragon Hunters

Jed was gifted a beautiful book yesterday. (Thank you Nat, Kupe and Gala!) On the inside leaf it said ‘To Jed, May you dream of dragons!’  The author had a stall in the inner city marketplace café we were having brunch … Read More

leaves and sticks

 New leaf….  Old leaf…  …and a project. A new friend put me onto a great book: Playful Learning: develop your child’s sense of joy and wonder. Written by Maria Bruehl, it has the subtitle: Simple activities to promote reading, writing, … Read More


 The lovely Annie B came over to my stall at Kraftbomb the other day with her arms full. A pile of beautiful crafty books and some fabric she’d picked up in an op shop for the wee man. That was … Read More

book bonanza

One of the benefits of getting lost is stumbling across places you wouldn’t otherwise. Yesterday took a wrong turn (or three) and found a gem of a op-shop. Hoorah! As well as an armful of fabric we brought home a … Read More


Rummages (even at speed) in op shops have been rare lately. As Jed gets older and my work from home picks up so does the pace. I make a concerted effort to live fairly simply. Fully, i like to think, … Read More

Everyday Beauty

Firstly my friends, vast apologies for disappearing on you the last few days. I got to ride in an ambulance for the first time this week. I am hoping that to be my first and last. This is my first … Read More