Eco floss is here

A weird thing happened. My scheduled posts disappeared.  Not sure what that was about. I had other stuff going on and its taken me almost two weeks to realise the silence over here on the blog. Oops.  I’ve been a … Read More

Hello sun balm

Bring on summer I say. Swimming, picnics with friends and summer fruit here we come.  It takes no time at all to burn between the hours of 11 and 3 here in NZ. We try and stay out of the … Read More

Introducing: Pakaraka Permaculture

A few Sundays ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Niva and Yotam of Pakaraka Permaculture for a feature article in the summer issue of Organic NZ Magazine. Watch out for lots of tips and insights into market gardening and a fab … Read More

Herb spread spring boost

This isn’t a sponsored post, I just like to support small business. When I’m onto a good thing, I like to share the love.  I’m always on the lookout for ways to up my fresh greens and herbs quota. Waiheke … Read More

The book with a $0.00 price tag

Have you seen this book? It was pretty trippy finding it on the shelf of the airport bookshop. It’s price tag states $0.00. You decide how much to pay. The guy before me paid $1000! (I didn’t pay that much.) … Read More

Be nourished – sauerkraut goodness

Last week I submitted my final contributions as Editorial Assistant to Organic NZ Magazine and wrapped up my Web Content work for NZ Soil & Health – the publisher of ONZ Magazine. One of the competitions I organised for this upcoming … Read More


My boy and his dad were laughing on Mother’s Day. They reckoned I was the only mama in the history of the world who’d asked for a Thermette as a gift. Rather than a massage or chocolates or whatever I suppose. … Read More

rainday cape

It’s rained all weekend. Hasn’t stopped. The stream next to the house has broken its banks and the constant rain has turned into a downpour. I am not sure what the garden is going to look like come morning. I … Read More

The BIG GrowMama Holiday Giveaway

 Welcome!  The Big GrowMama Holiday Giveaway is now closed, as of midnight 18th December, 2015. I will be drawing the winner by and announcing the winner and the two runner-ups on Sunday evening.  Good luck!  To win all this … Read More

Moreish skincare – superfood for your skin

I have been a natural skincare person for a very long time. In France I designed and made my own natural skincare range. I know my stuff.  I had been using a mix of natural products from Sukin, an affordable … Read More

Karen Murrell natural lipstick

I was hanging out over at the Bubbalino kitchen blog and a great thing happened as a result.  I won a giveaway for a Karen Murrell (KM) lipstick!  I have wanted to try one of her lipsticks for ages. They … Read More