birthday gift

I opened the mailbox on my birthday to find this beauty. A gift from a wonderful woman. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have some incredible people in my life.  So much love and skill has gone into this.  I love … Read More

new medium

Jed was mid swing on a beeswax candle making jag when he ran out of wick. The very next morning we went to Forest Folk, the little store in the Titirangi Steiner school carpark for supplies. We came home with … Read More

Focus On: Art

Weekend’s. Yay for weekends. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we’re into those long dark wintry weekends. Someone told me folks read more on the internet in the winter months. Makes sense to me. In honour of that I’m starting a … Read More

an art installation: family

When i was busy doing outfit styling on our deck the other day, Jed was busy doing his own thing. This is his art installation. He called it ‘family’. He worked on it more during the afternoon. I love how he built whole … Read More

leaves and sticks

 New leaf….  Old leaf…  …and a project. A new friend put me onto a great book: Playful Learning: develop your child’s sense of joy and wonder. Written by Maria Bruehl, it has the subtitle: Simple activities to promote reading, writing, … Read More

through the eyes of Jed

I found these on my phone camera. I didn’t know he knew how to use it. I guess there are many things i don’t know he can do these days. The boy is a blur of knowingness and action. So, … Read More

from my former self

 Awhile ago i finally sent for three boxes that friends had kept for me in their attic. For about ten years. These were the pieces i had salvaged from my life on the outskirts of the French Pyrenean village, St Laurent de … Read More

lucky me

Lucky lucky me. This beautiful piece of art arrived on my doorstep today. It is Kerri Devine’s Peace screenprint on natural linen. She is super talented (check out her shop, Poetry and Cloth) and i was blessed to win one … Read More

beauty that moves

Some words i need to keep in mind arrived in the post this week. In artform, courtesy of Heather from the blog, Beauty that Moves. Heather’s is one of a handful of blogs i follow. Back in April she gave … Read More

celebrating the kid crafty

We have two magic boxes in our harry potter-like cupboard under the stairs. One is the craft box. The other box has six different kind of paints and various painting tools in it. The newest edition is non-toxic facepaint. Ignoring … Read More

art everywhere

A simple trip to the mailbox can (and often does) involve nature communing, making art, or ‘sitting and thinking in a patch of sun’ (a favourite activity amongst our more boisterous play). I was never a fan of camellia’s. I … Read More

crafting like crazy

The Lets Go Retro order, in store now. On Swanson rd in West Auckland. Well worth a wander round. And not only because my gear in there!On very little (cough interrupted) sleep, with much hanging at home and letting go … Read More

weaving music into every day

Most days since Jed was born, i’ve cranked up the stereo and we dance wild. I used to dance with him in my arms, now he is wild thing all by himself. I collected a kete of instruments made of … Read More


Some international mama’s have been asking me about playdough lately…you NZ mama’s are likely in the know already.We got into making and shaping bread dough at Steiner playgroup but i wasn’t making bread at home as much as Jed would … Read More