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We’ve left my writing portfolio here, alongside the Growmama blog archive until we work out a way to integrate them into the new site. Thanks for your patience!

I have called myself a writer since I was eight. Privately until recent years.

Although I’d been a content creator and features writer for years, it took many years of navigating life as an undiagnosed neurodivergent with a bad case of impostor syndrome before a dying friend made me promise to start taking my creative writing seriously. I haven’t stopped since.

My idea of happy is writing. My ideal Saturday night involves words and world crafting.

I have lived in a war zone and in communes, in cities and the wilds, writing through it all. Today my little family lives with an assortment of rescue animals in a little house on a hill looking out over the sea in New Zealand.

It’s been a wild life. So no shortage of material.