peaceful parenting workshop

I am fresh from a parenting workshop. Not just any parenting workshop, oh no. Passionate about questioning our own childhood patterning and living mindfully, I organised Genevieve Simperingham to come down to West Auckland to give a talk in our … Read More

a favourite kind of fun

Look what happens when you put the s on the front of prayer, instead of at the end…you get sprayer! It’s one of Jed’s favourite kinds of fun at the moment. Has been off and on for months. Hours of … Read More

last night and this morning

Winter sun, garden fun. Muddy puddles and jed cuddles. Yes, it is quite possible i have been reading too many children’s books lately. Although that little ditty does sum up the morning nicely.There was an accident on the road last … Read More

the last feijoa harvest cake

for those who have yet to discover the joys of feijoa’s – they are the green oval fruits next to the other green oval fruits (grapes) and our organic ricebubble-honey-dried fruit thingies. feijoa cake in the makingi’d post a picture … Read More

Tractor happy

We’re back from a visit to his nana’s. We were awake at five am every morning with Jed wanting to nuzzle and cuddle his baby cousin. Sigh. It was a huge weekend for him. He was in a state of … Read More

Sitting still

I just sat still. Yep, pulled my rickety ole rocking chair over to the patch of winter sun flooding in the window of my room and sat. Sat with a book, then my gaze was pulled out to look up … Read More

New pants. Mama-made.

It has been years since i had a sewing machine. I had let myself be convinced that our house was too small. I craved to make everything gorgeous under the sun for my boy when he was born and finally, … Read More

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