Making: a zero waste bag

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I try and arrange my pattern pieces on the fabric so there is the least waste, and keep scraps for smaller projects or give them to people and projects that will. Despite my best efforts, the piles of scrap fabric … Read More

end-of-season camping

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We squeezed an end-of-season camping trip in. Just before the weather turned too.  The boy and I arrived in time to grab a good spot and had a night just the two of us before the rest of the homeschool/unschool … Read More

From a NZ in shock

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Illustration credit to Ruby Alice Rose The bodies of those shot in their mosques by a white supremacist on Friday are still not back with their loved ones and the nation is reeling. The man who took 50 people’s lives with … Read More

Our local

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Waterfall. This is our local. Sometimes we’ll go months driving past on our way to the beach, or work or whatever is going on but we’ve been there a bunch lately. Taking friends who haven’t been there before and getting … Read More

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