I am a writer, content specialist, compulsive maker, a connector of good people and projects. A social change agent on a good day.

A fair-weather gardener, activist, herbalist, and advocate of living a simple beautiful life in balance with the earth. I sew (it’s cheaper than therapy), love a good thrift shop rummage, work in the not-for-profit sector and will often stay up way too late making or writing. 

I’m proudly queer and neurodivergent. I have called myself a writer since I was a girl. The need to write has just always been there. My ideal Saturday night involves writing or editing.  

I grew up in Samoa, Otara and Papatoetoe in New Zealand’s South Auckland, I travelled, lived and/or worked in over twenty countries in the 16 years I was abroad. I lived in the mountains, communes, on the street, in a tipi, in city high rises, a house truck, tents, and on organic farms. In a war-zone.  I’ve supported/consulted with a rather large array of community projects, social change initiatives and not-for-profits – with a special focus on collaboration, diversity, strategy and the power of working together in coalitions or networks. And ritual. You get the picture, it’s been a colourful life.

I co-ran an eco-peace project in wartime Yugoslavia, co-established the Social-Cultural Centre in Prague just after the Velvet revolution, performed political street theatre throughout Europe, ran an organic retreat in the Pyrenees, designed/facilitated workshops worldwide. I freelanced for not-for-profits worldwide and am proud to have organised many conferences and festivals. I was one of the first to be arrested protesting climate change as a co-organiser of the Direct Action Conference at the 1996 COP 1 in Berlin. I had a go at total self-sufficiency in the French Pyrenees (acorn bread and handmade undies anyone?) and came back to New Zealand for my grandparent’s last years of life and to work for Greenpeace NZ’s campaigns team.  I’ve stayed and now share life with my son and a ragtag collection of rescue animals on a hill overlooking bush and sea.

No shortage of material here. 

The GrowMama blog went huge back in the blogging heyday, with my upcycled pillowcase shopping bag post and tutorial going viral. The GrowMama blog has been giving peeks into our world, crafty inspiration and handmade goodness, recipes, rants, reviews and slow fashion fabulousness since 2008. 

Thanks for popping in.