Māori potato harvest

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My summer garden harvest was a bit truncated this year.

Right at the peak of summer eating, next door's sheep broke in and the eight of them had a lovely time eating my vegetables. I was slightly heartbroken. The horses and goat had just eaten half of my apple crop too. The perils of rural life!

The garden didn't look too flash, but it was producing enough for me to pick vegetables and herbs for meals and I miss it. Gah! The only survivors were an artichoke, the chilean guavas and my thornless blackberry. Grateful for that much. I haven't had the heart to replant yet.

I was gifted a paper bag of seed potatoes quite late in the season. Not just any old potatoes - it was a selection of Koanga Gardens māori potatoes. Seed potatoes. The sheep mowed the plants down just as they were starting to flower so I wasn't sure how much of a crop I'd get. I was very pleased to salvage this lot. I'll be saving some for seed for sure. Delicious!

I'm experimenting with different ways of cooking them - so far my favourite is plain with oil and salt so you can really taste them. Each variety is so different! I'm loving the baby potatoes are stunning tossed in a nicoise salad.

Next is to research how long they store for - and best way to do it. Any tips gratefully received.

There's more information about the different varieties here.


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