Winter wanders

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We grabbed a rare moment between rain showers and headed out for a walk. Luckily Phoenix the dog is an understanding sort of a guy and doesn't give me a hard time if he doesn't get to go for a walk some days. He has paddocks to race around at home which helps.
It can be hard to get the teen on board for a decent walk. But we did it. So glad we did.
A change of scenery and some sea air was just what we all needed.
I never regret going to the beach, no matter what the weather.
Somehow, things that have been bothering me fall away, things that have been puzzling me get solved and I return with fresh energy to my desk after a walk.
We live in a small community and I love the spontaneous chats and catch-ups that happen as we cross paths with people too.
I need to remember to take a notebook, I’m often scrabbling to take notes of a phrase, or an idea for a writing project when I’m out walking. Taking notes in my phone memos just isn’t the same.

For years I wrote solely on my laptop but since doing a Nature Writing workshop with the lovely Deborah Shepherd last year, I've been journalling again and will start projects long hand then shift them to a document and continue to develop them once I have the path in my head.

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