The legendary potato harvest of 2020

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My work did a potato fundraiser this season and we ended up doing stints at one of my favourite city markets near the office to try and move the potatoes on. We were still left with 80 bags of potatoes.

They came with a handy potato growing bag, with growing info and recipes. 

I sold the last of them on our local facebook page but when I picked them up from the office warehouse realised many of them had gone off, or had started to. 

I spent a whole Friday afternoon going through every single bag of potatoes, checking every single potato, throwing out any that were, shall we say, compromised, and rebagging them.

In case you wondering, rotten potatoes stink like nothing else. The dog thought it was the best smell ever. Gross little individual.

The upside to this potato drama, was that, not only were there happy customers and the charities name was unsullied by selling rotten potatoes, but we ended up with a big pile that I couldn't sell. We planted up the new garden beds and I passed on some to friends. The lovely farmer next door cooked up the rotten ones for her flock so not one potato went to waste. 

Good thing potatoes take a while to grow, because I couldn't look at a potato for awhile after that Friday afternoon.

Fast forward a few months and we had an incredible harvest and have been eating them ever since. 

Still have loads left. It's gone down in family history as The legendary potato harvest of 2020.

Such a good feeling bringing in harvest that will help feed the household for months to come. 

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