Colour jungle

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colour jungle

I am drawn to colour in hard times. I caught this photo of a shirt I made on my quilt recently. All that colour and texture gave me pause to breathe in the beauty. More and more these slow days I am reminded of how it's the simple things that give me the deepest joy. An hour on the couch with the dog and a book, the sun on my shoulders, the smell of freshly baked bread, certain colours juxtaposed or jumbled together.

My fabric stash is looking a bit monochromatic. I've been looking for inspiration to hit the sewing studio again this weekend and I'm missing the colour hit. Fingers crossed the annual Fabric-a-brac market goes ahead this year, that's the source of my fabric for the years sewing. SO many wonderful events and projects cancelled this year already. Sigh. 

Loving the work of Justine Blakeney and her Jungalow label and blog. The colours reminded me.

Missing Design Sponge, but all the archives are still there, phew.

And if you're a crocheter (I'm not but I admire it greatly) and you love colour, you need to pop along to my friend Alia's Little Bee pattern shop. 

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