A teen-friendly Easter

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An Easter in lockdown has taught me an important lesson about the creative life and gave rise to a great idea for an Easter hunt for teens.

Our house used to be in constant creative flux with various projects. It's changed with the teen years upon us. The kid has not been into our usual. At all. And that's cool. But I realised that instead of pivoting and being open to finding new ways of having fun with art, I just dropped it.

Plus, to avoid the rude comments and eye rolls, I started keeping my own creative work to the keyboard (I write) and have been sewing or doing other art late at night, or when the kid is elsewhere. My creative work has largely been invisible to the kid.

Then, out of sadness that we couldn't do our usual fun community Easter egg hunt and gathering, grew an idea. We didn't have much in the way of Easter eggs, but on Good Friday we stayed up late painting. We cut colourful egg shapes out the next day and raided the coin stash, taping coins to the underside of eggs, and adding in some prank 'nope, no's and nah's'.

On Easter Sunday we hid them all over a large area - some in pretty challenging places.
The result was a hilarious Easter egg hunt. Perfect for money motivated teens who aren't sure about the 'little kid' version of hunting for chocolate Easter eggs. We did have a few chocolate treats hidden but it was much less sugar-saturated Easter than years past. Raging success. Basking a little bit in that. Parenting wins in the teen years are to be savoured I reckon. Whatever your traditions are - Happy Easter. x

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