The surreal times begin

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I had been waiting until my new website went live before I dived back into this lovely bloggy place. But. The website has been on hold for ages and when I went to grab the link for the bread recipe folks have been asking for, I saw my last post was September LAST YEAR. Which isn't true at all. Yikes. I need to work out where all the latest blog posts have gone.

I find myself with more time to write all of a sudden. New Zealand is closed and we're in physical isolation due to COVID-19. Like so many of us in the world. Such a surreal time.

I work mostly remotely and we homeschool but life still looks very different. There are no days in the office, no meetings, no homeschool group, no swim training, no appointments to get to, no hangouts with town friends, no gigs, no library.  Pretty much the whole weekend I had planned was cancelled. Life is, understandably, on hold. I am thinking of friends holed up all over the world, some stranded far away from home and their people, and my heart goes out to all those whose beloveds are sick or worse.

I took the day off news sites. I needed it. I think I will limit myself to certain times of day, the situation is changing so fast, it's tempting to live on social media but I don't fancy what that'll do to my mental health.
I was so grateful to be able to get out and go for a walk and work in the garden today.
So lucky to live where I do.

Funny that of all the strangeness, the libraries closing was the thing that freaked me out. I didn't even have time to dash in and stock up. My son gave me a talking to, apparently he thinks the 20 books by my bed, the ones on our bookshelves, the libraries ebook app and kindle should be enough. I feel so misunderstood.

Take care of yourselves lovelies. Wash those hands, keep that distance, keep connected to those you love and be kind out there.

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