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no-knead wet mix breadI love this 5-grain bread. It’s delicious and fast to make.
People are sometimes amazed when I bring freshly baked bread to share, but that’s kind of embarrassing because it’s so easy.
It’s a no-knead wet mix that gets pops it in a cold oven so you’re spared from that awkward moment when you realise you forgot to pre-heat the oven. I have the preparation time down to twenty minutes. And none of those plastic bags store-bought bread comes in. The homemade bread thing doesn’t happen all the time but there is nothing like the smell of bread baking. There’s something so comforting and satisfying about making your own bread.

I make a plain mix with ground linseeds and fill a tin with that mixture for the boy (who is seed-averse) and load up the remaining dough with sunflower seeds, rye, linseeds and pumpkin seeds for me. After a few days, the rest of the loaves get sliced and popped in the freezer for toast.

It always cracks on the top and although I know that’s frowned upon, I can’t bring myself to care. I’m juggling all the things and solving that particular issue hasn’t featured on the to-do lists.
Anyway, the cracked top adds to the rustic feel. Tastes the same!

This is another no-knead bread recipe I have been wanting to try. I’m on the lookout for a dutch oven. Holler if you see one in the op shop.

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