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Hi All! I just popped in to show off my portrait. I commissioned it from the super duper talented  Kirsten Slade for my new website. You can find Kirsten over HERE and there’s a cool piece about her HERE. She is all kinds of brilliant.   And yes! There are developments afoot over here.   New website, writing portfolio, and a wee business launch are all brewing. The last three years since I separated from the kid’s dad have been stressful. In a different way than the previous years before the break-up but stressful nonetheless. I left with two hundred and something dollars in my bank account, clothes, some household items and my kid. Oh, and the animals. I am proud to be where I am today.   I have stepped back from the startup charity I was managing and have re-organised my work life to allow time to work on my writing and biz development. Finally. I wanted to get this website together ten years ago. Better late than never. I look forward to sharing it with you. Won’t be long now.

Anissa portrait

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