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I try and arrange my pattern pieces on the fabric so there is the least waste, and keep scraps for smaller projects or give them to people and projects that will.

Despite my best efforts, the piles of scrap fabric still accumulate and as a result, I have been thinking more seriously about with Zero Waste creating.

I started with a piece of beautiful linen I picked up at Fabric-a-brac that was too small to make clothing from, but just big enough to make a bag. Years ago, a friend from Japan had a furoshiki-inspired bag that he had made from a big scarf and I thought about that as I folded, tacked and unpicked on repeat, late into the night. My goal was to create a bag that I liked, with no waste created from the process. I love the tactile, problem-solving aspects of creating new patterns, but I am spatially dyslexic and it also confuses the crap out of me to the point of extreme frustration.

By the early hours of the morning, I was pleased with the results.

A few weeks later I thought to search online to see if anyone else was working on zero waste patterns and discovered I could have saved myself the frustration. The Between the lines blog has done the hard yards and created a tutorial on a bag spookily similar to my late night creating. Hoorah! That means I can cross that off my to-do list! You can find her tutorial HERE.

The Zero Waste bag is a great way to showcase a fabric you love, have as an extra shopping bag tucked into your bike basket, backpack or glove box. NZ is phasing out single-use plastic bags (about frigging time) and it’s so great to see cloth bags of all shapes and sizes at the supermarket. After many years of carrying my own hotchpotch of cloth bags and getting the side eye (not to mention getting increasingly frustrated at a society in love with plastic and ignoring climate change), it's satisfying to see the shift.

Green linen Zero Waste bag

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