Links round up: what’s hot, good or made me think

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What I have been reading, buying, listening to and thinking about in Feb.

Inspirational fangirling on Adrienne Brown David. Interviews on Hey is that me HERE, and  Design Sponge HERE

Coveting: Shy Hero clothing (found courtesy of Frankie
Six people sent me THIS interview with Tim Winton. I love it
when folks send me stuff!

Waiting eagerly for my order from Rhiannon’s Toast Clothing studio to be made. She is all kinds of awesome. OOo, and I just found this sweet interview HERE.

Dreaming about my ideal studio.

    Essay on being big. HERE

Would you go to couples therapy? (I would)
Podcasts that are floating my boat lately:
– Nerdette – I hang out there a bunch but really liked THIS interview with Barbara     Kingsolver about her new book, Unsheltered. 
 – The Trouble with Shannon Cason. The 79 cents episode had me

Listening and watching all the NPR Tiny Desk concerts.
Still. It’s been years. It’s still good. Here’s Rubblebucket. You’re welcome.

Craft Camp! Whose going? The lovely and most talented Melissa Wastney is teaching. I’m tempted. 

Farewell to February.
I am ready for
you March. I think. February sort of kicked my butt but I am an eternal optimist. 

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