Eco floss is here

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A weird thing happened. My scheduled posts disappeared. 
Not sure what that was about. I had other stuff going on and its taken me almost two weeks to realise the silence over here on the blog. Oops. 
I’ve been a bit distracted cooking up a new website and project. 
So looking forward to sharing them with you soon.

In the meantime, have you seen The Eco Floss? 100% compostable and comes in a little glass bottle with a metal top to dispense. No plastic in sight. I hope this is the future of all things. Buy some! Buy lots! We need to support all the good things. 
All the packaging, plastic and processed foods in the supermarket just brings me down. Not to mention what it’s doing to our planet. 
No money exchanged hands for a review or anything nefarious – you know me, I just like to support the good people making the good things. 

(I’m not ignoring the Christchurch shootings, I just can’t write about it yet, we’re all still reeling.
You can donate to the Givealittle page HERE

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