Making: a simple zero waste project

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How to make bathroom wipes
(Or, a craft project for non-crafty people)

1. Pick up some darker coloured flannel from the fabric store or upcycle old pajamas
2. Borrow some pinking shears (this stops the edges from fraying)
3. Decide what size/s are most useful and starting cutting! 

I found this lovely multi-coloured flannel at sale which reminded me that our bathroom wipe stash was getting low. I do a fresh lot every year or so. 
The wipes are great for makeup removal, mini-face flannels or first aid. If you’re looking to make nappy wipes for littlies just cut them bigger. The flannel is lovely and soft. You just rinse and pop in the wash after use. 
I will be washing these in hot water for the first wash, just to make sure the dye won’t run. Yikes!

I cut mine to fit inside this vintage ash tray that used to be my Nana’s. I have so many memories with that piece of china and wanted a way to use it in daily life. I wasn’t willing to start smoking, so it houses our bathroom wipes instead. 

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