Thinking out loud: about life, death and summer

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Evening walk on our nearest beach – extra points for spotting the dog doing a meerkat impersonation

After a long rainy spell, we’re suddenly in summer. Even the overcast days are warm. Evening walks and picnic dinners as the sun goes down. Long holiday
afternoons at the beach with friends, sun hats and sea swims, flotillas of kids
riding waves in on their boogie boards. All between the flags with the surf
lifesavers on patrol of course. This is the wild west coast and we all keep a
healthy respect for the ocean.

My heart goes out to the family of the teenager who got
swept out to sea a few days ago. Every tragedy like this hits all of us locals
hard. We know the surf lifesavers who were on duty and know what it cost them
too. He is still missing and his family are holding vigil on the shore. As you would. 

Water safety aside, it’s a reminder of the impermanence of life. I have a friend who is dying. She is all kinds of wonderful and has boys the same age as mine. Like we count our babies firsts at the beginning of life, she is experiencing her lasts. This one was her last Christmas. She is trying to find the balance between tidying up her life, leaving a legacy for her children and doing the work of orchestrating a beautiful death. She is being really honest about her journey and what support she needs and I appreciate her so much for that. Even in her dying, she is an inspiration to me. Her facebook posts remind me to live in the moment. A reminder that life itself is a privilege.

Eat the cake people. Do the things! Sink into the magical moments we tend to take for granted and find the magic. It’s the little things in life, gratitude and connection. Surround yourself with people who feed you. And kindness always, for you never know what is going on in people’s lives. I lost three wonderful friends in 2018. All incredible people in their own unique ways and all my age. Their passing has had me thinking about my own mortality and given me a kick up the butt to get on with some projects I have been wanting to do for years. I am grateful for that. 

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