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Waterfall. This is our local. Sometimes we’ll go months driving past on our way to the beach, or work or whatever is going on but we’ve been there a bunch lately. Taking friends who haven’t been there before and getting to experience it anew through their eyes. There are swimming holes nearby, unfortunately our current favourite is just off the track and we’ve turned around mid-swim to see entire tour buses taking photos of us. Hilarious and annoying in equal measures. I’ve had a few interesting conversations about consent with tour guides. The downfall of living at a tourist destination I suppose.

We’ve been stopping and looking around at various times, whether it be at home, or at the beach, waterfall or even walking to our letterbox (it’s a fifteen minute walk!) and just being in awe of where we get to live.

We have whole days out with friends here and they don’t cost us a cent. There’s not even a shop in our little community. Nearest one is fifteen minutes away, nearest supermarket and gas station is half an hour away. I like it that way. You have to plan your days to make the most of town time. There’s no ‘popping out’ to get something you forgot! But there is the quiet and the birdsong, many trees, the beach, dunes and our waterfall.
The perfect summer holiday staycation setting.
Lucky us.

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