January links round up – whats hot, GOOD and thought provoking

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January. I don’t know about you, but I got steamrollered by the end of 2018 and am still trying to catch up. Here’s the highlights of what I’ve been watching/listening/talking about. Sometimes while drinking a gin and tonic. 
That Gillette commercial. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and missed it! 
I LOVE this piece by a mama describing the conversation with her 11.5 year old about puberty. It is the best. 

Hope. It’s a beautiful thing. HERE
Profile on activist Meena Harris over on Mother. 

Elizabeth Gilbert on grief. This one just wowed me. 
Did you know minute concentrations of popular sunscreens are killing coral reefs? We live close to the beach and NZ burn time is super fast so sunscreen is hot topic around here. 
Things are rough for me at the moment and to top it all off, I sliced the back of my heel off. No swimming for me for awhile. It happened just before a work meeting. I sat there in pain and still in shock throughout the meeting and had to stop off at the emergency clinic on the way home. If you’re feeling a bit shit Pip Lincolne might help you out. She helped me. HERE. Thanks Pip. 

Prepare to laugh. One man and his ipad transform the moods of an entire subway carriage. Love this!

Best podcast find of the month: Anna Sale’s Death, Sex & Money. Grace Bonney’s Good Company is still doing it for me. Also, Melody Thomas is working on a third season of BANG! Yuss!

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