Going gently into 2019…

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This is my favourite photo from this holiday season. Sometimes its not the perfectly framed in-focus photos that top my list. 
has had so much fun with the tree. Jed insists on a cut pine from our traditional
source every year. I am trying to persuade him to go with a potted one but I have to agree there is something restorative about breathing in that beautiful pine scent.
Not for the tree obviously but selfishly, I do like it. 
When Bodicea isn’t in the tree
hunting ornaments, she’s sleeping under it. The tree has become her HQ.
Not sure how she’s going to take it when it comes down. She wasn’t impressed when the ornaments were packed away, she kept trying to get into the box with them. 

It’s not an easy time of year for many and I hope you have navigated family and expectations and seasonal pressures in ways that take care of you and your people. 
Let’s go gently into 2019, create some world changing beautiful things and step into the life we’re meant to be living. Happy New Year dear ones.

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