Kitten therapy

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Kittens have invaded our music room. It’s the very best of invasions. A friend found the little tortoiseshell kittie in their garden three weeks ago, all scrawny and hungry. Then the tabby one all hissing and spitting just a week ago. 
Hard to believe now, they’re currently tearing around the music room, occasionally taking a leap over my laptop and stopping for cuddles and a purr from time to time. They’ve rehabilitated beautifully. Clean bill of health from the vet and one of them has a home to go to on Christmas day.
The little tabby male still needs a forever home, in case anyone is looking. I’m quite smitten. 
Hilarious and cute and just what the doctor ordered. There is nothing like kitten antics and snuggles to brighten up your world.
We get to hang out with them while our dear friends are away. Phoenix the dog has been helping. He sits quietly in the corner with his head down, being as non-threatening as possible as the little ones were super afraid at first. They are now playing with him in the room and venturing up to check him out. Another day and they’ll be chasing his tail I reckon. Bless him. 

We are well and truly into the silly season. Stress is at an all-time high for many. We’re keeping it simple and heartfelt and focussing on gratitude and being with those we love. Love to you whatever you’re up to and whether you celebrate Christmas or not.
If you don’t have kittens, find whatever it is that helps get you through and do all those things. On repeat. 
Pip Lincolne from Meet me at Mikes has a great series called ‘Feeling a bit shit?’ – you might like to have a look through. Reach out if you need to and I’ll see you on the other side. Love to you xxxx


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