Herb spread spring boost

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This isn’t a sponsored post, I just like to support small business. When I’m onto a good thing, I like to share the love. 

I’m always on the lookout for ways to up my fresh greens and herbs quota. Waiheke Herb Spread is one of the tastiest ways out there. So delicious. I like it as a dip for fresh bread or crackers, on toast or on the side of a main. Way before these folks started making theirs, I would make a similar spread every spring as a sort of herbal superfood boost. 

On spring equinox I’d do the rounds of my garden, or the nearest community garden and pick a bunch of fresh herbs and whizz them up with olive oil, sea salt and sometimes soaked almonds for a creamier spread. Parsley, chives, dandelions, thyme, rosemary, plantain, nasturtiums and whatever greens I had an excess of. It lasts for ages in the fridge. And you get to feel all sanctimonious as a bonus! 

I am remembering how fab it was to have extra jars in the fridge to grab for those times when you’re meant to take a plate and completely forgot.  Sheesh, my old self was inspiring. Ah well, something to aspire to. 

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