The spring garden

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The birds are being all sexy, the first baby rabbit was spotted, the greens are rampant and our grapefruit are ready…it’s definitely spring.

When we moved in the vegetable garden had been untouched for a long time. Friends helped to do the initial weeding of jasmine, blackberry, ranunculus(buttercup), wild ginger and a gazillion less noxious weeds. Since then I have been keeping them down to ground level, put blackout mulch where I could and built the beds up. Got to admire some weeds persistence. (I’m looking at YOU buttercup!) 

Some wonderful horse manure came from next door, kelp washed up after a storm on our local beach, I was gifted bales of straw and even six loads of organic soil mix. So blessed. It’s still a work in progress but it’s producing and it makes me so happy. I would post a picture of it but next doors goat got in a few days ago and I will save you the sad sight until it recovers. (Goat had a lovely day out, thanks for asking)

I worked around some existing perennials we found under the cacophony of weeds and there are a bunch of herbs planted out weathering the inclement NZ spring weather. Since I have been typing this it’s gone from sunny to icy downpour. I found it so strange not to have a garden going when we first moved in.  Establishing herb gardens in pots on the deck was the first step. I couldn’t bear not to be able to pop out and harvest fresh herbs.

If I could just keep the snails from the salads and the rats out of the compost I’d be stoked. That is an ongoing battle for both me and the dog. (Rats, I haven’t been successful in training him to chase snails off yet) Our compost bin was marketed as ‘rat proof’ too. Smart critters aren’t they? Hours of entertainment for Phoenix but a source of great frustration for me. 

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