Making – a denim fen

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I had some lightweight denim cotton from my birthday splurge at The Fabric Store that was just begging to be a shirt. I have a thing for denim.
I had the long sleeve shirt cut out but completely forgot about the sleeves. I was going to unpick but I am not sure how the longer sleeve would sit given this fabric doesn’t have much drape. I decided I liked the shirt just fine the way it was.
You can see different versions of the fen pattern on the website HERE
It’s the pattern I used for my happy shirt last summer.

I got to sew in the new creative studio. We’ve taken over the spare room. Drum kit, stereo and wooden swords on one side, sewing machine, fabric stash, art supplies and worktable on the other.
So good!
It’s such a joy to be able to leave creative projects out and come back to them. I used to just take over the dining room table and we’d eat at the breakfast bar for weeks on end. Feels so luxurious to have a dedicated space for creating. If anyone stays we’ll have to shunt the drums off to one side somehow. Won’t be the best of guest room solutions but hey, guests can sew until the wee hours!

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