Comfort food – mexican eggs

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The youngest of the household is requesting mexican eggs a bunch lately. It’s one of our fast and furiously made comfort foods. Passed onto me by friends who spent years in Mexico, it’s traditionally a way to stretch leftovers and give them new life.

I know someone will ask so here’s something resembling a recipe:

Mexican eggs

olive oil
6 eggs, beaten (that always sounds violent to me!)
sprinkle of grated cheese 
handful of ripped spinach or other greens
bit of chopped sweet pepper if you fancy
jalapeno to taste
heap of crushed tortilla chips
teaspoon or mexican sort of a spice mix (we use this Tio Pablo one, one packet lasts us AGES. And no, this post is not sponsored, we just love the stuff)
a lime
bunch of coriander
avocado! (Good ones are like gold around here at the moment)

Heat your oil and start cooking the eggs, stirring all the time. When they start to firm, dump everything else in, stir madly then plonk a lid on. 

When we have vegan folks staying, or are going dairy-free we substitute soft tofu for the eggs and use vegan cheese. It’s still yum.

Garnish liberally with coriander leaf (cilantro to some of you), fresh lime juice and sliced avocado. 
Fast, easy and good. 
You’re welcome.

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