Taking a leap

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We had to move last year and it’s taken awhile to land at our new house and land. We’re getting there. I have been appreciating how warm and dry our new home is. And no risk of flood up here on our hill looking out over the ocean, so that’s a bonus.

One adjustment, (and yes, I am aware this is a high class problem), is that we can’t walk or bike to the beach from here. We’re a 15 minute twisty turny downhill drive away. That adds up to a lot more petrol (in general as well, because we’re so remote) and it takes more time out of the workday to walk Phoenix on the beach. So, we’ve been finding ways to be more active at home. I’ve been walking Phoenix up and down the hill and we save our beach trips for a few days a week. It’s still the very best of things to do if anyone is grumpy. The sand dunes at one of our local beaches where the stream meets the sea are super tall at the moment and great fun to leap off. 

It is impossible to stay grumpy or glum after a morning leaping off sand dunes. 

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